Wednesday, July 9, 2014


With the Fourth of July being on Friday the July First Fridays ArtWalk was moved up a day to Thursday the third.  I had been anticipating the Third for days and days so I could finally go try on the clothes I had picked out what seemed liked years ago instead of two weeks!

I had a pretty busy day ahead, but not too busy to postpone my shopping adventure.  I tried not to excite myself too much on the walk up.  It was an extremely hot day.  Too hot really to comfortably try on clothes.  Determined I was!  My patience had run its course!  I arrived to find the "Open" sign out and customers inside already.

I greeted the proprietor and asked if she still had the clothes I had set aside.  She did, and thankfully hadn't shelved them, nor had they got damaged in the flood (they were saved!!!)  She handed over my stack of clothes and I eagerly entered the dressing room.

Out of the things I had picked I liked and fit into all but chose not to get a skirt and a top, putting them in the "think about" pile while I went and checked the racks to see what I may had missed the first time through.  I needed some tops and did quite well, selecting another pile of clothes to try.

When I was through with that pile I had to make some decisions, and while I was deciding spotted a cute black dress (every girl needs a black dress).  My old favourite black dress was just that ~ old and faded, although a good one for a casual summer day, this one was sharper and cuter and (my mother would laugh) shorter than my normal longer dress length.

I am delighted to have discovered the side zipper.  Is this a new thing?  I am not sure, but two of my new dresses have them and outside of the dress I would not have believed it possible for me to wear, but this side zipper is amazing!!!

Can you tell that I am not a girly girl?  Truth be told, I rarely if ever buy clothes.  Over the past five years I have been trying to get away from my band t-shirts, blue jeans and shorts outside of the office I do not work in anymore.

I have been pleasantly finding a new way to dress and doing it on little money with skill and with the help of this wonderful Consignment Shop.  It is nice to buy nice clothes without having a nice chunk of money coming out of my pocket.

Considering that the only thing I consistently buy in the fashion department would be shoes when needed as you can't get buy in this world without something on your feet and I walk a lot even without having the dog to walk anymore.

I I loved the black dress and had to go back to my pile and take inventory.  I was looking at the Ralph Lauren strapless, the floral and the black dress (two dresses if you count the under-dress), and four cute tops, two that can be casual and two that can be both casual and dressy, one of which I love, love, love and wish it was a dress as well!

I think my plunder was well worth the wait and well worth just under $50.00.  Not only did I find have a great morning playing dress up I think I scored a few very versatile and sensible clothes for fun, volunteering and if I am lucky a nice event!

This was only the beginning, I still had to make it to the bank and the supermarket before heading out later for First Friday ArtWalk on Thursday.  I would be lucky to manage to survive the holiday!  I set off to get my chores done now that I had played a bit so I could play a bit more later and then who knows!

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