Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Summer heat, while slow to arrive, is here in full force!  I don't mind it one bit it is one steamy tropical oasis minus the salt in the air from the ocean since I live in the mountains!

The upstairs of my apartment, which is extremely hot even when it is cool,  has been building up to deadly and I can't really get mad at Thomas for sleeping in the air conditioned living room, despite it being one of my major pet peeves.  The temperature controlled fan in my room has made no difference at all.

Last night we went up to watch television and Thomas decided we should set the other air conditioner up in my room.  My window frame isn't as wide as the ones in his room so we were able to set it up and begin to cool off the room.

By the middle of the night I was under my blanket and I woke up much more refreshed than I had the day before.  What a difference!  It doesn't help that the sun beats down on our side of the house from early morning until late afternoon, offering no shade and we bake.  By the time it even thinks about being cooler the sun is back up and the cycle begins all over again!

The sun is a funny thing.  The bean seeds that Ainsley planted last Sunday were sprouted and up in one short week and much stronger and healthier plants than the seeds I began in the house.  I did have her plant them in a place where they would get morning and afternoon sun.

Her sunflowers are just beginning to pop, but no doubt will be bigger than mine in no time!  I have to re-space two of mine as they are getting overshadowed again by their companions.  I am thinking of totally moving a bunch of pepper plants as well since I seem to have planted them in the shade.  Live and learn!

I have been dealing with the residue of overlooking responsibilities and might have that one cornered as of yesterday, knock on wood.  The universe threw a monkey wrench in the works yesterday by not having refills on a medication, despite having been to the doctors, which, although frustrating, was easily remedied.

My favourite shop which got flooded and I have been patiently waiting for the 1st for it's re-opening, did not occur.  I was there with bells on a few minutes after 10:00 eager to try on what caught my eye almost two weeks ago only to be greatly disappointed to have to wait another two days!!

Can I just say right now that while it feels good to be disappointed in something that disappointment sucks big time!  I did throw a minor tantrum as I headed to the Pharmacy to pick up the Script and found a much needed beverage on sale!  Simple pleasures.

It was killer hot when I went home and changed my clothes again.  Normally, I am able to maintain 70 degrees in the living room and computer room, but the temperature was steadily increasing, it was indeed a struggle to watch the thermostat climb instead of go down ~ by late afternoon, despite the A/C it was up to 86!

The thought of eating, or cooking for that matter was unbearable.  It was at least ten degrees hotter in the kitchen and that was without anything on!  I opted for some beef hot dogs which I picked up yesterday at the market.  Quick, easy, and they cook themselves practically.  I am not a big fan of hot dogs, unless they are beef but I put my differences aside and they were very tasty.

I am turning my son into a fan of sunflower seeds.  I discovered a good bang for your buck at Rite Aide on the Sunflower seeds.  Last night he was singing my praises and those for the wonderful and delicious sunflower seeds ~ I wonder if he realizes that they are good for you?  I am a tricky Mom.

The First Friday ArtWalk is a day early this month due to the Fourth of July.  It is an exciting week.  There is a big Parade in our city and people come home.  You just never know who you will see in the Berkshires on the Fourth of July.

I love the Parade.  I don't mean I go and set a chair in the same spot in the middle of the night.  I more enjoy walking around and taking in the Parade, checking out the people, the noise, the energy.  It comes just in the nick of time.

I need a recharge and there is nothing like a large event, for me anyway to get that recharge from.  God willing it will be a sunny day and I will restore my balance ~ which if I am to be honest has been off for a few months now, more than usual, and if I am aware of it then it is off!

I have made it through one of the Hammett books.  I must say the Thin Man story did not read like the movie played out.  Unless I am absolutely out of my mind.  I must watch it again and soon.  I think I will see if they have it at the library.

I am embarking on the second book now.  It has stories in it which haven't been seen in 40 to 80 years and tells about him and his life.  I am 50 pages in and haven't read one word he has written, but have read some really great historical information.

I think that I will succumb to the A/C in my room and just read the day away.  I have nothing pressing and it is just too darn hot to do anything out of doors.  I ran around enough yesterday to know that I do not want another day like that ~ it was exhausting!

Selfish or not I think that is the smart thing to do as I await (I hope) the re-opening of the shop tomorrow so I can turn my disappointment into happiness ~ something I prefer totally!!  Sometimes self-indulgence is a good and necessary thing!

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