Friday, July 11, 2014


I was really looking forward to First Friday ArtWalk a day early instead of a month later.  The weathermen predicted some early showers and Lightning storms so I was on a tight schedule which hinged on the weather.

I headed up to the NU Arts Studio and Gallery to check out the art.  There was a new artist in the house who I was not familiar with (which I love!!)  I entered the old studio of Sally Tiska Rice which is now the new studio of Marney Schorr, who is an Art Therapist.

Her space was set up nicely and the paintings and art were very nice and colourful.  I had a great time speaking with her.  She even held up a light on a couple of paintings (since she was still setting up) so I could see the full effect of her paintings with the glitter and sand and whatever other little tricks she uses I may be omitting.

These two are the same paintings ~ one with light on it and one without ~ notice the difference!  I am really excited to see Marney's studio all set up and ready!

She is an amazingly interested and talented addition to the NU Arts Studios and I cannot wait to have many more conversations with her!

I then headed down to Sally Tiska Rices new studio, which was previously occupied by my friend Dianne.  It was like night and day ~ Sally has amazing talent as well, which apparently is not limited to being an artist.  The room looks great, everything is displayed nicely and it is so homey and relaxing that during my time there I forgot to take pictures!!

No visit to NU Arts Studios and Gallery would be complete without stopping in and saying "Hello" to Scott Taylor.  I love checking out his work and chatting him up about his latest endeavors.  He is one busy guy!

I am looking forward to "The Gallery" Opening down at the old Mary's Carrot Cake establishment with Marge McBride, Joanie Palano Ciolfi and Debbie Carver on Saturday!  I had gotten a little preview of the new Gallery a couple of weeks before when I was doing my volunteering at the Barrington Stage Company and was eager for the official "Opening".

So, once I was finished chatting up a storm with these folks I headed downstairs and back out to North Street.  The weather was holding up nicely, although you could tell something was getting ready to happen.  I headed over to the Berkshire Community College Intermodal Gallery at the BRTA and checked out the works of Leo Mazzeo ~ grabbed a much needed water and said hello before making my way over to Steven Valenti's Clothing for Men.

David Stein had his "Deconstructed Flowers" Show going on.  I enjoyed learning about how he created these beautiful masterpieces.  He was very nice and I was very interested in the process he used.  Very interesting indeed!

There are also some lovely photographs outside on the street which I was unable to get any good shots of, a must see if you are in the neighborhood!

I walked from Mr. Valenti's Store and got to see Sally's Watercolors  in the window of the Brothership Building at 141 North Street in a beautiful display just before Bisque, Beads and Beyond.  John Townes Digital Landscape Art.

 Even with the knowledge on how to use my zoom feature on my camera it was a bit tricky to get a good clear shot of his work without the reflecting lights.  More of his work can be found at using John Townes Art in the Search Box.  John is a man of few words but I still got a couple of them out of him and it was a pleasure to talk to him as well!

My next stop took me  to the Kinderhook Real Estate where I met two very amazing people Irina Borisova and her husband.  They were wonderful!  The art was fun and playful and they had a table full of amazing free (yes, I said free) handouts from bookmarks, postcards and also an flyer for AniMagic ~ which is a Museum of Animation, Special Effects and Art located 77 Main Street, Lee, MA. and a coupon for 50% off to make your own Animation in their hands on Studio.

I left the Kinderhook Real Estate Group and went across the hall to Unusual Wedding Rings & More ~

Marcia Anderson had her Blooms of Summer Oil Paintings up on the walls.  We had a lovely chat about keeping to your Art, be it drawing, painting or writing everyday whether is is good or not just to make it a normal part of your routine.  She is a wonderful conversationalist and I once again enjoyed our chat!

The weather was starting to cloud up by this time so I headed to the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts where the family of the late F.X. Tobin were showing "A Retrospective 1942-2014.  The place was packed.  I must say that it was the Gallery with the most people anywhere that evening.

I am not a huge fan of such big crowds while I am trying to appreciate art.  I always feel like I am in the way of conversations when I am trying to look at Art that you have stopped in front of with your back to while I am trying to absorb it so I did a quick once around and got a couple of shots noting to myself to come back when it wasn't so busy!


I happened by there the other day ~ it was nice and quiet in there and I got to really look at the amazing bodies of work and was very impressed and saddened that this talent has gone on to the big studio in the sky.  I am sure he is in fine company, however!

The weather was beginning to turn a bit and I still had 6 or 8 places to go.  I looked at my list and make the choice to cut down my itinerary.  Knowing I must see the Gallery W and Colt Gallery at the Whitney Center for the Arts and I wanted to see the Stained Glass at St. Stevens Church I decided to chop out a couple of places which I could check out before the month was over (or after if I was mistaken by the weather).

First I headed over to the Marketplace Cafe and was surprised to find yet another teacher from my High School (although I was not a student of hers, she did recall my brother).  Naomi Schwartz was showing her landscape paintings.  She, unfortunately for all of us, was reluctant to allow me to take any photos to share with you, my fine Art enthusiasts, so all I can say is if you get a chance to check it out do at 53 North Street. (One of my friends asked me if she has heard about the first amendment, but I would rather not piss off the artists by going against their wishes!)

Myself and a few acquaintances did enjoy the remainder of wraps she had put out, they were very tasty,  but the weather was getting iffy and the Whit was a little walk from where I was at.  I saw that Madeleine's Patisserie was on the list so we crossed the street to check it out.

Unfortunately, they must have forgotten the date change as the doors were locked and we were unable to check out Allison Pierce's Wildlife Illustrations.  The drops began to fall as we approached St. Stevens Church.

I decided to put that one off and make it to the Whitney before the skies let loose.  Ghazi is always fun to talk to and there are usually a few people hanging around.  We made it in as the drops got bigger and more regular.

Ghazi had told me about the show a few weeks ago while he was promoting the Gallery at the Downtown Farmers Market so I knew that Lillian Sturm's Private Collection was a "must see."  He was right ~ and I was glad I had made a beeline for shelter there!

I am such a huge fan of Asian and Oriental Art and am very envious of anyone who can sculpt at all.  I found myself in the right place (thanks Ghazi!)

 LillianStrum's collection is truly amazing and beautiful!  Imagine being surrounded in your own personal space by such lovely pieces of work???  I am sure that there is a story to be told about each and every piece and Saturday, July 12, 2014, between 4:00 - 7:00 p.m the "Official" Opening Reception begins and I cannot wait to meet the owner!

 This picture was a trip!!!  I love optical illusions and took a few pictures hoping to get all of the views my eyes and brain saw ~ I was really curious as to whether they would come out so that you, my readers can experience it for yourselves as well!

Tina Sotis was across the hall in the Colt Gallery.  I have been admiring one of Tina's paintings in the main hall since the (I may be wrong) second show at  the Whitney ~ a beautiful large painting in blue.  The attraction, I believe is the feeling I got from looking at it, so I was especially looking forward to Tina's show.

The first thing I did was to tell her so when I met her and devoured her paintings.  In one painting ~ I was blown away by the feeling of great vastness I got from the painting ~ she pointed out this little person in the painting (which I had overlooked) and the painting go even more amazing, open and limitless!

I was once again blown away by the Art and Artist that I forgot(?) to take any pictures but I did figure out my scanner and have one for you to view ~ I hope you enjoy it! (do you see the little person in there???)  Notice how noticing it changes the perspective of the painting!

The Red Valley of Khandahar ~ Tina Sotis

My friend Lisa phoned me while I was at the Whitney, planning on heading over ~ I told her to check out the Litch and my friend Mike and I headed over to meet her.  Along the way the drops, which had subsided a bit woke up and began to fall as we popped in the Litch ~ unable to find Lisa, and finished with what Art I was going to see I passed on a ride parked two blocks away instead saying my goodbyes and running as fast as I could barefoot on the pavement the two blocks to the Park.

Lightning was beginning to crack as the wind picked up and I was in the open Common ~ not a good place for me to be (with a block and a half left to go at least!!)  My Dad has been hit twice and lived to tell about it ~ me absurdly worried about that being a hereditary condition was not eager to find out so I ran even faster!!!  I was (almost) never more grateful to see my home!

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