Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I was able to attend Monica Bauer's much anticipated one man show "The Year I was Gifted" written, produced and performed by Monica Bauer.  After meeting and speaking with her on Wednesday during my one on one meeting with Monica I was impressed by her kindness and wit.

I eagerly anticipated Saturday when I could finally see her show.  I was joined by 15 or 20 people and we sat with rapt attention as she began her show.  I can only say how deeply personal and touching it was to hear of how she managed to "escape" Nebraska to make her way to the Interlochen Arts Academy.  It was a wonderful story about life, friends, family and choices.

I laughed at the funny parts, loved the determination and FELT a great deal.  Words cannot describe the range of emotions which coursed through me during the show.  I am not sure if another performer would have the magnitude of power which Monica expressed sharing this deeply personal story of her time at the school and her life saving friendship with Bill Sherwood and her gay/straight love affair with him.

I was just a small child in the 60's when Monica was living through her Year.  Times were different and the views on Homosexuality were much harsher than they are now.  Monica's exposure to homosexuality and the unfair expulsion of boys for kissing other boys (in an Art school) was a turning point in her life.  

At the young age of 15/16 I don't know if many young ladies would have made the stand that she did during these times,  which turned out to be a major turning point in her life.  I am pleased with her show and look forward to her writing workshop on August 3, 2014 after her performance at the Whitney Center for the Arts from 3:30 ~ 5:30 with free admission to attendees of her show or $15.00 if you haven't seen the show.

Monica currently a Writing Fellow at Quinnipiac University and has a long list of Awards, Productions, Plays and Publications to her credit.  She also does Conferences and Workshops on top of being an International success.

For more in depth detail about Monica and her life and writings feel free to check out her site at

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