Monday, July 14, 2014


I had an Art overload over the Fourth of July, so when my friend Scott invited me out for a hike to check out one of his favourite things ~ waterfalls ~ I was 100% in.  After a short ride through Pittsfield and Dalton we climbed up past Wahconah Falls (one I am very familiar with) and continued North.  The last thing I recognized was the General Store at the top of the Mountain(?) right before we took a left.

I recognized bits and pieces of the landscape here and there from previous rides over the years, but only slightly. I really enjoyed being once again on the open road absorbing the beauty of the countryside.  After various rights and lefts and through woods and up mountains and down another steep washed out road we were pulling into a parking lot and walking into the woods.

The nature was tranquil and I was in awe of the place I found myself.  I love water ~ lakes, oceans and until recently I have lived next to a river just outside my door ~ so close I have mistaken the sound of it for rain ~ I have been in total withdrawal of the sights and sounds of running water ~ add not one ~ but two waterfalls with a well made path and some decent stairs and I am in heaven!

The first set of pictures are of the walk in and the water that feeds Tannery Falls.  I was a bit of a daredevil and went over the fence to get some of those angle shots down to show the path the  water has carved out over the years to create the beginning of this natural masterpiece!

 Finally the top of the waterfall was before us!  Notice how calm that pool is!
 Looking down my breath was taken away!

 The path wound away from the water for a second, but these stairs were cool.

 I was on the stairs when my friend said ~ oh yeah, there are two waterfalls ~ and over to my left this is what I saw!

 We continued down the path and this is the Tannery Falls from the side.
 It is hard to pick my favourite view ~ I like them all!

 More cool stairs.
 We went over to the other - Parker Brook Falls ~ it was a bit tricky since we had to jump some rocks and cross a fallen tree ~ in the end we made it ~ this is Scott on a rock in the middle of the water.

 Always a fan of cool rock piles ~ this one could have been closer up!  It is in front of the tree.  They were behind us while we were looking at the Fall ~ notice that tree in the back ground with the bend in it ~ looks are deceiving as it looks level to the ground.

 This is the view from the tree ~ a very steep drop that took my breath away when I stood next to it to take pictures of the river below ~ far below!!!

Before we crossed back over to the trail we walked up another stream ~ I think there were three in all ~ possibly four ~ there was another pile of rocks.  I was at peace!  I seemed to float back across the river.

I wish I could say the ascent was as easy as the decent, but in life all good things take effort.  The hike back up the hill after seeing this spectacular 100 foot water fall nestled in the hills of Savoy was well worth the muscle aches!

We headed back to the jeep and found our way back out and decided to journey straight across the intersection with a devil may care attitude.  I was game.  It has been many moons since I have just gone down a road to see where it may come out.

Worried I was not and we both made guesses as to where we would come out.  It was a fun way to spend the Sunday after a holiday.  It worked very well to even out my Art Overload and absorb some of the energy from our wonderful Mother Earth!

One of the benefits of being spontaneous and open is that you never know where you may travel and what you may see!

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