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On Friday my new grandson Declan Joseph was born and I wrote the pre baby blog among other things late into the evening.  I was so excited, it was like the night before Christmas or the first day of school.  I forced myself to go to bed well after 3 a.m. even though I was supposed to be at the hospital at  8:00 a.m.

Declan Joseph

I woke, of course, later than I wanted and desperately needed a cup of tea.  In reality, I needed a direct line of caffeine.  Since that was not possible, I drank my tea as fast as I could and got ready to meet my new grandson.

My daughter in law was having a C-section and the night before I inquired as to how long on average they took.  I knew I wouldn't be late unless they started early.  I left the house, found a parking space, the nursery and the waiting room and said hello to the rest of the Clan waiting Declan's arrival.  

It was close, but not as close as the wedding when I arrived as Lisa was making her way towards the doors of the Hall, pausing long enough for me to get inside.  Jeff would have killed me if I wasn't in that waiting room I am sure of it!

No sooner had I sat down that my eldest son appeared in the doorway ready to bring all of us to the Nursery window for our first look at the dear boy.  Grandparents, Big Sister, cousins, aunts and uncles looked happily at our newest family member.

I know I was not the only proud Grand parent in the hall, nor was I the only one with a tear or two.  Seeing my eldest son with his eldest son, watching as the nurse did what they do with a newborn, making him fuss and cry, until Daddy put a reassuring hand on him and he settled down really touched my heart.

It was difficult to give up my spot in front of the window so others could look at the baby.  He is my first grandson and birth of my sons and they all have had grandchildren before so I was being a bit selfish.  I could have looked at that baby all day!

We all adjourned to the waiting room so Jeff could present his son to his wife.  Their daughter was not ready to see her Mom as the nurse intimidated her somewhat, meaning well, trying to prepare her for the I.V.'s and things so she stayed out with her cousins and played for a bit.  

Jeff soon came back and told her that her Mom had something for her so she went in.  She came back out wearing a purple Big Sister T-shirt and had a box of presents which made her feel special once more.  

Soon Jeff came back and said we could go in three at a time.  Ain's younger cousins ran to the door to go until Jeff said "Adults first" which was my cue along with Lisa's Mom and Step Dad.  This baby has two full sets of grandparents (with a step grand-mom and pop) and Me.

He was even more beautiful close up with no glass between us.  After disinfecting and being seated (since none of us have ever held a baby before) Jeff carefully lifted the baby out of the crib and laid him in my arms.

It has been a long time coming, waiting for a baby!  To me it is a miracle since none of my sons were going to reproduce.  I was overjoyed and could just stare at the sweet little face that my son and his beautiful wife made.

He had the blackest hair, which he got from his Mom and the sweetest face that his Mom said she thought looked more like Jeff than Ains when she was a baby.  He was a whopping 8.5 lbs and I think 21 inches.  I had to ask later in the day when I came back to see him, the details had gotten lost in the excitement of the moment!

I have to dig out a baby picture of Jeff to check it out. To me Declan looks like himself, although all three of my sons were beautiful.  I am sure his face will change as all babies do.  To my middle son, he is "just a baby, they all look the same"!

The boys and I invaded them 10 minutes before visiting hours ended.  Tom, Dad and I had been out on a ride, taking pictures and traveling back roads when we realized it was getting late and we called Pat and Bruce and made plans (after Jeff called and let us know visiting hours ended at 8.)

I quickly left the Borough and headed to the hospital, meeting Bruce and Pat there, quickly getting my Dad into his wheelchair with the help of Thomas, telling them to get on the elevator and head to the second floor.

Of course after I parked the car and went inside I found them waiting for me outside of the elevators! Talk about goons!  I was in a panic as we waited for the elevators.  We were in the room a short few minutes when Pat and Bruce arrived.

Soon Declan was meeting his two Uncles, Great Grandfather and Grandfather Bruce.  I wasted no time in holding him before passing him off to Bruce and my Dad.  I forced Thomas to hold him, which he enjoyed once he had him in his arms.  Pat was a party pooper and wouldn't hold him no matter how hard I tried to make him. Yes I did resort to bullying him a bit.

Great Grandpa!

Granpa Bruce

Tom and Declan

Declan and I (after a yawn)

The nurse came in about 8:20 but she let us stay.  Lisa had been through a lot though, so we took our cue and left the happy little family to experience their first night together.  They kept the baby in the room and Jeff stayed so Lisa could rest after her long day.

I made plans to have Ainsley over the next night with her cousin Haleigh for a girl sleepover so Tom decided he was going to go to Pat's.  He wanted no part of our girls sleepover!  I as you know am a mother of boys, so I was a bit nervous having two girls sleepover.  

I dropped Dad off back at the Rehabilitation Center where he is still awaiting weight bearing approval so he can finish his therapy, very happy and proud to have met and held his first Great Grandson!

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