Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cobwebs and memories

Time and memories are funny things.  This is me in 1988 outside on a fire escape during this photo shoot just for fun, I was not a model.  The details of the event are in a fog of other memories which cover the details.  An acquaintance of mine, Ric F., who had his photography studio upstairs from one of my favorite eateries at the time invited me and my best friend Johnny brought me up and dropped me off for this interesting experience.

This spot is still here and my son, on the rare occasions when he leaves the house to do errands with me, no longer needs me to point out the fire escape where the picture(s) were taken, now I get "I know, before you say it Ma, there is the fire escape", I just slap him on the arm and laugh, now my memory is his memory!  That makes that Friday evening one summer long ago transcend, who knows, perhaps one day my  son will be walking these streets with his children and my grandchildren will know of the fire escape where Gramma got her picture(s) taken.  They may even recognize the clothing in the photos as I still have a majority of the clothes from the day, the jacket I am in here is still hanging in my closet, although it is no longer my "favourite"!  I can hear my boys in the future, saying - see, I told her she was a hoarder, still has those stupid 80's clothes!

When I look at these pics of this day memories do creep out of the halls of my closed memories.  There was a lot going on at that time.  My Dad had just popped into my life again, random as ever.  This time, he brought one of my future son's Dad into my life, but just a prelude, Dalton Carnival, the end of my relationship with Tom (my only husband prior to our short lived marriage), for one of the first endings in a long history of beginning and ends with him, which is it's own story and we, my friends are not ready for that tale of tales.

This photo shoot was the distraction from my life.  If you look at the series of photos you would never know that my life had ended and I was the saddest girl in the world!

On a positive note, when Ric got ready to develop said pictures, I worked around the corner at the Methodist Church, he phoned me and asked me to come over to the studio, which I gladly did.  The best part of this experience which was the coolest was the process of developing the film.  Watching the magic so to speak!  I have always been awed and amazed by the process!  Still to this day it is a goal of mine to learn how to do this magic myself.  In this day of digital it is less necessary but not less cool!

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