Monday, April 29, 2013


Finally!  My glasses came in a few days early!  I received the call earlier today and it could not have been a happier occasion.  To lose one's ability to see clearly is a total bummer!  You can only do so many sighted things with poor vision.  Believe me, I do adapt to most situations, but this one I am not sure if I could have handled for another two days!  I walked back home with my glasses amazed at how far I could see!

Now, not only do I have glasses for far away, I also have them for close up, so it does help with the computer a great deal, although I am not used to seeing clearly and am getting headaches here and there and could not even read my book with the reading glasses on, but it works wonders for the computer!

I have now completed all three of the S.G. Browne books.  I read Fated a couple of years ago and was very pleased with his style of writing.  With nothing more to go on than a brief description of the book, I located the title and the author and found that he had written two more books, and that we share the same birthday!  After communicating online with him, which is also very cool, and between getting disappointed at the way that the Veronica Mars season three left me with many cliffhangers  with no relief in sight, until the movie comes out I guess, I checked Breathers and Lucky Bastard out of the library.

S.G. Browne has a unique style of writing.  I like it.  I loved Fated and began Breathers with a totally open mind, considering it is about zombies, but not quite like any zombie story I have ever heard of or read about, and which, the more I read, the more I enjoyed getting to the end, which actually was a wrap around to the beginning of the story.

Lucky Bastard I just finished an hour ago.  I decided that I needed to get back to it, as I was so engrossed in the first 165 pages and could not stop reading the first time I picked it up, and as life got in the way of my reading time, I was happy to find some random time yesterday in between my cooking and visiting and eating to read some more, leaving me with just about 100 pages to knock off today.

I loved it almost as much as I did Fated.  Such a unique storyline about a person who poaches luck, and the concept of being able to steal someones luck and buy and sell it was like nothing I have ever read before either.  The main character was a Private Detective/Poacher, and I don't think any one person deserves a day like he had at all!

In the end, Mr. Browne just wraps everything up so nicely, telling a tale, giving us something to think about and a bit of philosophy to go along with it!  I am delighted to have taken the time to read all three of these books, and cannot wait to see what pearls of wonder Mr. Browne pulls out of his bag of tricks next time!

I feel as though I must have poached someones luck, although, maybe it is just the attitude rejuvenation?  I am not sure, my cousin Billy used to seem to think that I was full of good luck, because every time I got into a situation, he used to say, I would come out smelling like a rose.  What he does not realize is that my situations came threefold and did not seem to go away without much upheaval and the cost was always great!

Before I even read Lucky Bastard, I had been wondering where my good luck had gone since that fateful error in trust back in 2008, because I have been feeling like I broke consecutive mirrors, walked under a few ladders and crossed the path of 100 black cats!  Not that I am superstitious or anything, but what I had hoped would be a grand year, began rather shakily and appeared to just get worse and worse, until last week!

To be honest, I did not think I was going to be able to turn it around, and have been kind of distant and uncertain about what my life and the lack of purpose and meaning were all about, it was really getting me down in a bad way.  I am not as certain as my cousin regarding my ability to come out fine.  My faith was really beginning to wane a great deal!

After the series of fortunate events for a change, and the sunshine and warm weather, and with the help of a few of my friends, I am beginning to feel my faith restored and my doubts growing less powerful.  I still have miles to go before I sleep and I am more aware of the things which are really playing on my spirit and causing me grief, anger and sadness.

I know that my previous feelings and isolation are the effect of other people's baggage, and mental issues, which, were beginning to dim the light that shines in me, much to my dismay, all I can do is try to have compassion for those who have none and not let their shortcomings affect my light from shining through, which I did not have that great of an understanding of before today.  I also have my own baggage and my outlook gets blurred greatly with too much negatives all in a row without end!

So, I continue my journey with my new, restored sight, both through the glasses and through my perception of life in general.  It is nice to feel the energy of the light and my spirit coming back as strong as it ever was, although a little tarnished around the edges.  One day, I will get it down, until then I will keep on plugging away the only way that I know how, with a smile and a warm greeting for those I meet along the way!
Although life is not what I want it to be, and I really have no clue of what I want, only what I don't want, I am fortunate to be able to learn, adapt and grow as a person.  Isn't that really what life is all about?

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