Thursday, September 5, 2013


I remembered a snippet of a dream this morning, which is unusual that I had a dream at all.  I used to dream every night and quite vividly and realistic, as was what I remembered as well.  I woke up remembering that I woke up to bring in the plants off the porch as there was a frost coming.  I got up and went downstairs and turned on the light and brought them in.

Only this morning the plants were still were they had been when I went to sleep the evening before, and as far as I know, the temperature drops we are expecting are not going to bring frost.  Over the course of my morning walk to meet friends for coffee, I was thinking about the dream and the parallel of getting reading for winter.

One other thing this day brought was an extra day to get garbage together.  Before I left the house I had gathered and put the trash outside.  I had not had time to empty the refrigerator, which was no big deal. When I returned home I brought the trash can in so the animals would not invade it during the evening and set about cleaning out the fridge.

What an empty fridge does is make you notice that it could use a wiping out ~ especially under the drawers where everything seems to end up!  Since I cleaned one drawer recently and quickly put it back in a week later, without looking at the mess under where it hung ~ ignoring it as if it wasn't there at all.

Today, however was another matter.  I took out the clean drawer and stashed the veggies I just got from my friend, and put it on the table.  I removed the second drawer which was in good shape, a couple of spots, so I decided to use it as my water container to clean out the dreaded bottom of the inside of the fridge.

Everything was going good ~ all clean and done.  I did the dishes and I was in even better shape.  Odd for me to be so very motivated ~ but it comes in spurts.  The tragedy was that I went to pull out the dough in order to let it warm up so I could roll it out and I dropped the stack it was in!

The crappiest part was it was in one of my favourite glass bowls which had a lid and could also go in the oven ~ now it is garbage for tomorrow!  I rectified the situation by making some fresh dough. since it was easy enough and I have a ton of won ton filling and some soup left, and let's face it I like to cook.

I needed to locate some important papers which need to be filled out and mailed back.  I knew they got dumped in a pile which has been accumulating at the bottom of the stairs in the dining room since I am not using the table as a catch all any more.

I grabbed a garbage can and set to work reorganizing the organized mess of piles into three piles, toss, keep and papers I need to do things with.  I found what I needed, had a bag of garbage and everything else fit nicely into a shoebox which was just sitting at the bottom of the stairs as well so I had accomplished three things with that one task!

I am not sure what is going on with me lately, because that is how it has been going.  I am amazing myself even with how well I have been managing to get my crap in order.  I got a pile of laundry together and decided to knock that off the list, and walked around the two vacuums which need help and or a bag depending on the unit, and down the stairs.

I have been using them to hang the bags of empty clean soda bottles on ~ so on my way upstairs I decided that I was really sick of walking around them, and with my arms full of laundry it really was a huge fire hazard so I unloaded them of their bags of cans and plastic bottles and brought the whole thing down in the basement and out of the way.

By far however this evening I was watching the two hour pre finale of Master Chef ~ from four to three.  I watched the second half up in my room and decided to hang up this basket of clothes which had been sitting there forever.

My clothes have been a problem for me.  The disarray of them.  I just found three dresses last week which I totally forgot about.  I just finished hanging and sorting every coat, skirt, dress, jacket, pant suit which I own and sorted them all.  It only took me one year and 3 and a half months to complete the task!  In my defense I have truly got a ton and a half of clothes but nothing to wear!

It is all about the organization and I had that in buckets today.  I also tackled next to my bed where I toss everything from emptying out my pocketbook after events in neat little stacks on whatever books I have going and it was a huge mess ~ was being the key word.  That got reduced to a pile of business and event cards and a pile of three books and an embroidery I haven't worked on in 10 years ~ just in case I feel like doing some work on it.

I am getting ready to move my room around so it will be easier to move the two dressers and bed without a mess of clothes to deal with.  When my room is set up, it means that I am finally happy with the rest of the house and then I can relax.  Don't hold your breath though ~ if I was I would be dead!

I am beat now though!  If I don't sleep after all of this exertion and motivation then I do have a serious problem!  Considering that last evening my sciatic nerve went crazy and I couldn't even bend my knee on my own in order to straighten my leg to stand up and hobble down the stairs at 2 a.m.

My son was still up and he doused my back with some Chinese medicine and I put some on my knee where it hurt the most and heated up the heating pad and made it back up the stairs ~ easier to manage as there was less bending needed to go up!  When I woke up it was still bad, but not as bad thankfully!

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