Sunday, September 15, 2013


I have been thinking for a couple of days on how to mark the one year anniversary since beginning my blog ~ my journey of exploration.  It has been difficult, but over the course of the days I have been reflecting on the experiences and the opportunities and the overall growth which I have had on a personal and a creative level.

I walked to the supermarket thinking along the way ~ deep in thought as I walked through the danger zone and pretended not to know a person who took a great deal of my heart, my time and my life ~ the catalyst of my journey.  The biggest step in reality was comprehending realistically how much of a non reality our reality actually was.

I continued on ~ chilled more by the memories than by the brisk wind which was blowing, the clouds thick and dark above.  I journeyed on toward the Downtown Farmers Market to check out the goods and visit with some more people from Alchemy Initiative whom have become a part of my journey.  Jess, Wylder, Chris, Jen, Jennet and Diane ~ all wonderful to know on my journey.  I am blessed to pass into their worlds as well.  

The wind grew cooler as I continued on towards the supermarket.  One of my favourite and least favorite places to go.  The parking lot was full.  Not a good sign.  I headed in and without any clear thought picked up more than necessary with a treat for future experimentation for me to advance my cooking knowledge ~ Arborio Italian Rice because everyone should know how to make Risotto and I do not.

I was in one of the shorter long express lines when I saw my mother ~ it always makes my heart break a little more when I have to pretend that it doesn't bother me to pretend we do not know each other.  Then the lady asked me if I wanted to go into a line she was opening ~ exit Stage left ~ that is me.

Two overly heavy double bagged bags later I make it across the street and three rest stops later I am back at the Farmer's Market ~ greetings and goodbyes ~ heavy bags and threatening rain clouds make me in a hurry to get inside my house.

The park is so close and yet so far so I put my bags down on the bench and light a smoke and catch my breath which is a ridiculous statement ~ yet what I did.  Danger zone is ahead and I need that nicotine rush of strength although I know the danger rode off on his motorcycle and I am pretty safe.

I could not be so blessed to have three unlucky encounters in an hour the day after Friday the 13th.  I welcome the unlucky days ~ the full moons and a nice black cat.  I will not walk under a ladder if I can help it and thanks to Laura will not split luck by letting something pass between me and who I am walking with.

I made it home and put away my groceries.  I had a few ideas brewing as I shopped and wasn't sure what I was going to cook, but I had hours to figure that out.  I made a cup of tea and took my shoes off grateful to be home.  

I opened some windows to let in the fresh air after two months with air conditioning.  It was refreshing but soon turned cold so I decided it was time to take in the air conditioner.  I had a little mishap when I opened the window the air conditioner went out the window and crashed to the ground.

At least it was the first floor!  I went out and picked up the air conditioner which required two trips as both of the side things snapped off.  I plugged it in when I got to the living room and it turns out an a/c can withstand a short fall.  I put it down in the basement and decided not to tempt fate and left the one upstairs where it was.

One of my oldest friends dropped by and I spent a couple of nice hours hanging out with he and my son and continued to develop the theme mentally in my head ~ and also deciding to wing it.  No pressure.  More positive affirmation of my self and my journey just by the timing of the visit.

I had been baking potatoes to go with dinner when my friend arrived and after he departed I set to work having decided on a nice steak with some garlic, onions and peppers to accompany the meal.  The steak came out a perfect medium rare ~ exactly how I wanted and the potato skins had a nice crunch to them. The peppers and onions however threw the meal together with a nice refreshing zip.

As I was plating the food, my middle son phoned and I persuaded him to drop by for a visit.  It was already late ~ 10 ish when he arrived but it is never to late for a visit with my family.  He came bearing gifts of soda for his brother ~ knowing his addiction to Pepsi!  He also had Spree which is one of my old time favorite candies.

We shared our version of family time for an hour and then he had to go.  Time is precious and I will take an hour with my boys anytime of the day.  His birthday is coming up but he was disagreeable to talking about it. He will always be my most difficult ~ yet most loving child.

I made a cup of tea and took out some Brie so it could acclimate according to package directions for a half hour before eating.  It was on sale so I figured I would give it a shot as I am always open to new experiences.  It turns out it is very good.  I have eaten a !/2 a sleeve of crackers and a nice portion of the cheese as I have been writing this which is why it is now past my deadline ~ I am sure you will forgive me ~ it is my deadline ~ not yours!

It seems only fitting to mark my one year and 211th post sharing the journey of my day, which may seem ordinary to you, but for me has been a remarkably good day!  The whole year ~ despite the storms which I have had to weather has been a year in which I have learned so much about myself.

I have allowed myself to appreciate more fully the things like Theatre, Art and Community, networking with Berkshire Creative.  Talking to artists on First Friday, being open and asking questions, getting involved have all been huge steps in my personal growth.

The encouragement I have gotten by friends and strangers alike regarding my writing has helped me to develop my comfort zone, skill and hopefully someday a few stories and a possible further enlightenment as to where this road is going to take me.

I look forward and towards an even more fulfilling second year with you.  My goal is not clear and neither is the path so I am sure there with be plenty of bumps and with luck a few more successes.  I am beginning to babble which means it is time for me to end.



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