Monday, September 30, 2013


After a wonderful day with my son and granddaughter on Saturday I had one more event to make it through on Sunday.  I wasn't sure if my health was going to hold out when I woke up on Sunday morning I was so congested and felt worse than I had through the whole illness.

Determined as I was I cleared my head, took a hot shower and did my errands, arriving back home with an hour left before the event ~ just enough time to figure out what I was going to wear and eat some chicken soup.  

My friend picked me up and we headed to the party before the guests arrived to set up as we were pouring wine at the party.  As always the staff of Barrington Stage Company had taken care of the hard work having the wine chilling and the table set up with at least 100 wine glasses.

The food was being set out in the dining room and we familiarized ourselves with the wine choices ~ I was on red and my friend was on white wine.  We began opening the red wine to give it time to breathe and waited for the cast of Clybourne Park and other guests to arrive for the opening party.

I have never attended an opening party of a play.  It was very cool to see and meet and greet the cast and other prominent people associated with the Theatre and serve them wine.  There was quite a lot of people over the course of a two hours and it was a really great party.

I can definitely say that Theatre people know how to throw a party!  With six different wines, an amazing array of appetizers, food and desserts and a beautiful setting as it was held at the home of Julianne Boyd and her husband.

Everyone was so helpful and appreciative, making sure we had everything we needed, and made sure we ate some food and even washed and dried the wine glasses as we began to run out.  Volunteering for Barrington Stage is always a delight!

I always feel guilty getting to watch a play in exchange for 15 minutes worth of work in the Lounge ~ somehow to me, I feel like I am getting the better end of the bargain!  It made me feel good to give a little bit more of myself in exchange!

Monday arrived and I awoke pretty early thinking I could begin the day no problem, but after about two hours I needed to take a nap.  I was still feeling poorly and I really had nothing to do until 1:30 when I had to leave for my weekly counseling session.

I woke up around noon feeling better and made another tea and got back on the computer before taking a blessedly hot shower and clearing my head.  It was another beautiful day in the Berkshires ~ warm and sunny.  

I noticed more leaves had turned overnight ~ with the cool temperatures in the evening and the warmer days it kind of sparks the change, and without rain we may get to enjoy the gradual change of season for a while! I love the change of seasons even though this one changes to cold and snow and I am not really a fan of either of those things, not being a skier, snowboarder or skater.

The walk to my doctors was nice, as it was warm and we spent our hour hashing over some things I am still having difficulty with and discussing some ways in which I have progressed for the better and I left feeling really good about myself.  It is unusual for me to be aware of the positive changes regarding myself and accept them.

I left smiling.  Then my phone rang.  My ex from 15 years ago was on the phone and he was a couple of blocks away so I met him outside of the library and he gave me a ride home ~ he had to ~ he had the painter easel I had asked him about a couple of days earlier.

I am one step closer to realizing one of my bucket list items ~ and this one has been on it since I was about 16 ~ to try to oil paint.  Now all I need is a blank canvas and some oil paints.  Baby steps here ~ one step at a time ~ my friend owes me some cash for watching her studio a month ago for ArtWalk and I know right where that money is going to go ~ art supplies!

The watercolors were still out from Saturday, and before I took a nap I grabbed a clean glass of water and my clean brushes and fooled around a little more with those for a little while ~ completing a small abstract.  I love to fool around with different mediums.  In the "old" days I used to love to go buy new mediums and familiarize myself with them.

I am rooting for making the "old days" a brand new experience as far as Art goes.  I have now painted two pictures and drawn one design with my colored pencils so who knows where this will take me.  I am totally digging expressing myself on all levels these days with my new outlook on life and the security within myself to not give a damn who may or may not like it!  I am so happy that I am evolving!  

October is just around the corner ~ one of my favourite months of all time ~ Halloween and Trick or Treat and kids on the street ~ not in the middle of nowhere with the possibility of children knocking on the door and seeing the costumes and giving them candy.  Who knows ~ maybe I will dress up this year!

So I say goodbye to September and welcome October ~ fall and cooler temperatures!

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