Sunday, September 1, 2013


Well, this first day of September began as I had planned, ready and motivated to begin my homemade won ton wraps (which I did).  Then everything shifted as things have a habit of doing.  My son's Dad showed up after visiting a mutual friend of ours with some loot of fresh garden veggies!

Plans were soon revised to have a dinner utilizing the leftover sauce ~ just enough for a meal ~ no waste there~ and with the addition of some hot Italian sausage a good meal indeed.  He had gotten a nice fresh zucchini with some tomatoes and green peppers for me and was dreaming of fried zucchini ~ which I love as well!

While he was trying to beat me in a game of WII Frisbee Golf (18 holes!) my phone rang and I accepted an invitation to the Barrington Stage Company's reading of "Dancing Lessons" by Mark St. Germaine with a question and answer period following the reading.

Needless to say I then had to shift my non planned day into overdrive.  After beating him in the game I threw him out so I could take a shower and go to the store so that I could plan a much earlier dinner than usual. With the sausage out of the oven and in the sauce on low heat I left my son in charge of stirring and made it out for the supplies I needed and back home just in the nick of time.

The skies opened up rather suddenly with a mess of rain and thunder!  I was thankful that it waited until I made it home to do so!  I had about an hour and a half before I had to do any real dinner prep so I decided to take a rest before I had to motivate.

I was kind of beat as I had awoken at 5 a.m. .  Not my idea of a good Sunday ~ so after a short stint on the computer I went back to sleep and woke up at a more reasonable hour ready to start my day.  I did my daily's and then got to work on the dough for the wraps.

Of course, the batteries in my camera decided to quit right after I finished the dough pictures, so I put them in the charger and let my dough rest for the 30 minutes.  The batteries were not ready when I returned from my errands so I set the dough aside to finish when I had the ability to photograph the remaining steps.  This is when another set of batteries would have come in handy!

Oh well, at least tomorrow is another "vacation day" as it is a long weekend which should make all of those Monday haters happy!  Just the thought of my first run of Crab Rangoon's make me happy ~ I have been anticipating doing this for a few months now.

With the dough ready, my marble rolling pin in the freezer ready to rock and roll and the marble board clean and eagerly awaiting the long awaited dough I would say I am in great shape to finish just in time for lunch ~ that sounds like a great Monday to me!

Dinner went well, and Tom's Dad showed up promptly at 4:35, eager for some fried zucchini which I had thinly sliced and I had just cracked the egg and put the bread crumbs in a bowl and had the oil heating.  He took over the egg and breading which was fine with me and put the first batch in the pan to cook.

As most men are, he was impatient to eat them and removed them when they were brown but not thoroughly cooked so I took over the cooking part and he took over the eating part!  We sat down to a nice spaghetti dinner.

I had about an hour before I had to get ready for the Theatre so I made a cup of tea and the three of us chatted in the air conditioned living room for a while before he left and I jumped in the shower and into a dress which I had forgotten about and hadn't worn in at least 20 years!  (I love that I still own and can fit nicely into my clothes from my young adulthood).

My ride arrived and we joined the other patrons of the Theatre.  It was different being a ticket holder as opposed to a volunteer.  For one thing, when I volunteer in the Lounge I sit up in the Balcony.  I like the Balcony ~ I loved our seats tonight however 5th row on the left.

The reading was great!  I think the writer did an amazing job and the overall response was very good!  I look forward to seeing it with the stage set up and costumes and no scripts!  I have been to a couple of readings in the past but this by far was my favourite!

I was astounded by all of the great questions from the audience ~ usually there are not so many people willing to ask questions ~ not so tonight.  The cast, the writer and the director answered and listened and I think on the whole ~ everyone is pleased!

We grabbed a cone on the way back to my house and took a walk up the street from the ice cream place to look at the plans for the latest development or Phase 2 of work on the Berkshire Common.  They just put up a sign last week and I wanted my friend to check it out.  It was not far and on our way back to the car had a very insightful conversation with a local resident who lived next to the park along with her service dog.

The rain held off so far and now it is an hour since I have been home and I am beat ~ headed to bed and looking forward to a good nights sleep and another day of cooking fun!  I look forward to sharing the outcome of my latest cooking adventure with you tomorrow!

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