Monday, September 16, 2013


Yesterday was Sunday.  I was waking up with my tea and computer as I am known to do when my property manager knocked on the door ~ on a Sunday ~ to alert me to the fact that Monday between 10 and 11 a.m. the owner was going to come and check over his property.

Me, being the type of person who likes to have things in order and clean for such events finished the wake up session and began sweeping out the house one room at a time ~ boxing up the organized mess and making a mental checklist of what I needed to get done.

My vacuum cleaner  (all three of them) are down and out at the moment, so the majority of the work was sweeping two separate Oriental rugs, which I had to buy and Electrolux to clean properly as they are not the easiest rugs to sweep clean. Unfortunately, the hose is in need of replacement and at over $100.00 is not in my budget at the current time.

After sweeping out the living room, moving all the furniture and chasing the cobwebs around, and tackling the dining room, which was still buried with two sets of "nice" dishes from a couple weeks ago when the maintenance guy came to look at the refrigerator and which I had not returned to the top of the fridge yet I had a bit of work to do there.

I decided to take a shower and take care of my errands and decided while I was out to buy one of those Swiffers instead of a mop ~ along with the replacement wet pads to go along with them ~ forgetting the dry pads which turned out to be okay ~ I like it better as a mop and it is so much easier than scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees which always takes so much longer!

It gave me a new toy to make cleaning fun.  When I returned home I was amazed at just how much easier it was!  Of course while I was tackling my floor and room ~ restructuring closets to put things out of sight and of course making extra work for myself ~ Tom's Dad arrived with three bags full of clothes ~ none of which were anything we could use ~ nice thought ~ bad timing!

He did bring a nice stacking drawer cabinet thing ~ but I am not sure what I am going to do with it specifically yet.  I am sure we can do something with it somewhere.  I got my 8 bins of craft supplies downstairs out of my room and into a room where I have a table and lighting ~ tis the season to keep busy painting ceramics and seasonal holiday decorations.

Tom decided to get out of dodge a day early and headed over to his brothers ~ not wanting to be in my way or around during the inspection.  After he and Patrick left I was nearing completion and I decided that I was going to set the living room up for winter and was just spinning the rug and the room around when I decided to make some food and take a break ~ now nearing 8:00 at night ~ I had worked hard all day and was a glutton for punishment apparently as the place was just about fine ~ but I had been fighting the compulsion all day to move things around ~ I lost!

Tom's Dad showed up again while I was finishing my dinner of Buckwheat noodles and playing a game on the computer.  I told him not to go into the living room ~ but did not tell him why ~ he thought someone was in there and when he opened the curtain and saw the room half spun he couldn't believe his eyes ~ knowing the room had been finished earlier when he was there.

He graciously offered to help me move the rest of the things around and grabbed an end of the couch and we managed to get the living room back in working order, comfortable and ready for winter ~ all heaters clear and ready to go.

I managed to solicit his help in bringing all of the games upstairs so I could put them in a closet and stash my cartons of craft items under the hutch so it wouldn't appear so much like 9 plastic storage containers taking up a corner of my dining room.

I finished the table as well, threw on a table cloth, placed the two lamps and found a centerpiece for the table.  He gratefully left on that note, he had been helping someone move for two days and was not really into helping but did so without complaint ~ and took the first opportunity to get the heck out!

I was fine with that ~ I still had to finish mopping the second half of my room, sweep the stairs and tackle the computer room desk and sweep another rug!  I was feeling physically done, but the job was not done.  I cleaned up the computer table and mopped the computer room floor and headed up to finish my bedroom floor.

I decided I could wait until morning to do the computer rug and the stairs.  I figured a good nights sleep would make everything better.  I thought it would be a good nights sleep but of course I was mistaken.  I was up so many times last night you would not believe it!

When 8:45 came I was glad that I had finished all that I had the night before.  I could barely move.  I made a tea and hopped in the shower ~ noticing that my landlords truck was in the driveway.  It was gone when I got out of the shower and there were no messages from him so I swept the stairs and swept out the porch ~ not even giving that a thought the day before!

11a.m. came and went with no knock at the door so I decided to ring my landlord up and I got ~ "I am so sorry ~ I should have called you ~ they are not doing it today!"  That is the story of my life!  Short notice ~ high pressure ~ finish task ~ no end result and no call!

The bright side is my house is done with only those stupid five boxes to go through which is nothing new!  I got a new mopping device which is fun to use and so much easier!  I am ready for winter!!  Everything is clean and in its place and I am content with my progress!  I can't move too well, but all in all it was worth it!


  1. I too have one of those Swifter wet mops. Best thing going, and the room smells so nice when it is finished. Glad I don't have landlord inspections, couldn't stand the pressure. Hope you have a better nights sleep tonight. Pleasant dreams are wished for you. Love You. :)

  2. At least you are all set for winter and can now relax, hopefully the soreness will go away soon. :-) <3

  3. Yikes! Close call there! I'm so sorry that you did all that work and it didn't even happen that day. I know that must've been frustrating. At least you got things moved around where you liked them!