Thursday, September 19, 2013


The sun is shining it is a beautiful day in the Berkshires...

I however feel like ten miles of bad road!  Over the course of my day yesterday I overdid it to the max with errands and carrying too much stuff three times before noon!  The worst part is not feeling bad as I am doing things ~ it is the next day which gets me usually.

Add to that staying up too late watching television and waking up three times before 5 a.m. which sucks along with some of the weirdest dreams...

When the sun came glaring through my bedroom window at 8:45 ~ I was kind of relieved and forced myself get out of bed ~ for some reason just before I woke up I was dreaming that my youngest son and I were on a mission to meet my middle son's Dad on a remote stretch of land which was surrounded by water ~ we arrived to see him swimming across the clear deep water ~ which brought great happiness ~ until below the depths we saw a dark mass of a large fish ~ my first thought was a shark ~ as we watched him swim across the last 100 yards of water to where we were waiting the fish ~ which was a killer shark swam directly under him and bumped him ~ circled around and picked him up in its mouth and that was when I woke up!

It was kind of freaky, and I have no idea what it means yet.  I made my way downstairs and began my morning ritual ~ tea in the microwave, computer on.  I wandered into the living room to roll a couple of cigs to wake up with and moved three shelves of knick knacks around ~ getting closer to finishing the room ~ a tweak here and there and I think I will actually be happier with the room than I was last time I was happy with it!

Now, that is saying alot ~ I have felt that everything is how it should be for quite a few years.  For a small change I am beginning to feel that way.  To me, that is an excellent sign!  I am kind of a freak about things being in order and being organized.  I can live with a bit of chaos and disarray ~ I am not overly anal about things but I do feel better when everything is as it should be ~ literally and figuratively!

With the second to the last Third Thursday I am so stoked to be going.  I got the agenda for this weekend and it will also be amazing to explore and learn about people, places and things in my community which I never knew before ~ always a treat for me to expand my knowledge and grow.

So, this final day of my "vacation" will be very low key indeed.  The only thing I am planning to do before 5:00 is take a shower, eat some food and go to the Lab with Tom when he returns home from his Grand Theft Auto 5 Marathon at his brother's house.

It is funny that while he has been away I have done very little out of the house and now that he is on his way my plans pick up and I will be the one away.  My middle son will be having a birthday on Sunday ~ 24 years old!  I think that he vaguely hinted at the need for Beef Stew ~ which I will gladly make for his birthday for him.

I am still behind on my birthday dinners since February was not a good month in our house this past year.  I was hoping to do a big combined Family Birthday Dinner for all of the boys (and Lisa and Ainsley) but that got shot down by the minor majority.  Oh well, holidays are quickly approaching and I do know I will be sharing a meal with my entire family soon enough ~ just not soon enough for me!

I am still in a fog ~ but there is a light at the end of the tunnel ~ I have four and a half hours to feel better and make my way to the event.  I got this!!!  Nothing a nice hot shower wont cure!  I am also multi tasking trying to determine yet again what these unlabeled cassettes are ~ I am coming across a great deal of music from my earlier years ~ having been blessed with friends who loved music and fed my need for guitars, bass and awesome talent!  I think I will make another tea and grab some Vitamin D out on the back deck which will also revitalize my energy ~

I am out ~


(Spell check had an error so I apologize in advance for any typos ~ I looked but ya know my brain is still fuzzy as heck!)

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