Saturday, September 7, 2013


I cannot believe I survived this week!  It has had it's ups and downs ~ the downs were all totally health related which really sucked!  I hate dealing with pain issues!  I try not to let it control my life, but sometimes I cannot ignore it, distract from it or do any more than accept it and listen to my body and stop whatever I think I need to do and heal.

I was attacked by pain twice this week ~ rather severely and with limited activity and bed rest which is not where I want to be when the sun is shining!  I am getting closer to phoning my neurologist and getting a consult.  He is a great doctor who is honest and not just out to make the money ~ he cares about his patients and fixing them and will tell you if he can make things better.

For me that is important.  If there is one thing I have learned during the course of the previous 14 years are that there are doctors who are better than others.  I have mainly had very good doctors who have my best interest at heart ~ until I came back home and fired the last one and it took me a few more years to get over the fear of another incompetent medical provider and find one that I could trust.

Knock wood that this new one is a good doctor.  She seems to be so far.  Everyone tries to make a good impression however, the two times I have seen her and the three times I have spoken to her have been consistent.  Except for her nurse screwing up my life we should be good to go unless the nurse continues to be a negative impact and then I may have to reconsider my thoughts on the whole thing!

Anyway ~ I am off on a tangent.  Due to the pain which also caused sleep issues and walking issues, I did low impact things until Friday.  On Friday, I was committed to watching my friends Art Studio during this months ArtWalk ~ which meant that I did not get to go around during the time everyone else did.

It meant that there were a couple of places I had to see before I went to Studio sit.  Artists usually keep there work in the stores they are showing at for a month ~ however there are one or two places which are limited to that evening or very few hours where the business is open during the month.

I arrived early and utilized my time pretty well.  I had gone into my new favourite consignment shop earlier in the day and found a totally me dress which was a cool green blue material with a print embossed in the fabric so I got color and material which I totally loved and the kicker is ~ it was only $1.00 which rocked my world even more!

I also found a really cool black blazer in a nice soft material with leather trim on the label for a mere $2.00.  I am a freak about jackets ~ I have so many cute little jackets and I could not resist.  It made it easier to walk away from the purple velvet 1920 style dress with the very fine beaded fringe on the bottom which was firmly $100.  I still want the purple dress however.  I will have to go try it on and convince myself that it is a horrible dress or I will be kicking myself for the rest of my life!

I had a great time hanging out in my friends studio in my cute little dress.  Not too many people came through, I have seen it busier.  That was okay however, the people who did come in were a delight to chat with and I really enjoyed doing it.

I did sneak downstairs to Mary's Carrot Cake and got the last piece of carrot cake and ran into my adventurous friend who happened to be in there at that very time ~ I considered that very good timing as he invited me to an event in a couple of weeks which should give me some more fuel for my blog as I play tourist again in places I have never been.

As it turns out, he came up to the studio I was at to share some info about the show at the Lichtenstein Center for the Arts which was the place to be ~ elbow room only apparently ~ and which I found out myself after I closed shop at 8:00 as we wandered over to see if they were still open ~ which they were and not quite elbow to elbow but very full considering the show ended 30 minutes before!

It had cooled down by then and I was thankful that I had brought a jacket with me, and that my friend showed up.  The offered ride home was very welcome.  It is getting cool at night now, which is the only way that the weather has been normal all summer.  I have been bringing my plants in during the evening for a few nights now.

I had an adventure today traveling down to Chesterwood ~ more on that tomorrow as I have to unload the camera and check out the pictures.  Until tomorrow ~

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