Friday, September 13, 2013


I woke up early this morning and decided to go back to sleep.  I just pulled the covers over my head and off I went.  I wish it were that easy all of the time!  I had the pleasure of sleeping almost until eleven in the morning.

I woke up feeling pretty good, despite the fact it is "dreaded" Friday the 13th.  I am superstitious, but not about this day!  So far, so good ~ knock on wood.  As I was doing my daily computer routine and tea and cigarette wake up there was a knock and Tom's Dad was sipping tea with me.

We also did a battle on the WII Resort Frisbee Golf ~ I crushed him the first 9 hole game no problem on the Classic Course ~ he, however killed me on the Resort Course.  No tie breaker ~ we are even.  I like that train of thought.  It cuts out the competitiveness and keeps it fun as is the goal.

Since I thoroughly cleaned the bathroom ~ shower and tub included, after he left I decided to indulge in a bath, a book and a cigarette in the tub.  Something I love to do ~ yet do not do it often enough.  The day seems to be all about indulgence for me.

I did some more computer stuff and laundry ~ stripping my bed ~ blankets and all.  Finished up the laundry by making my bed so it will be all snug and cozy when I arrive home later this evening.  I also folded and put away the other basket of laundry I set aside the other day.

Done is done.  That is how I like it!  I made some lunch and watched the final episode of "The Bridge" on Demand ~ still a week behind but whoa ~ the plot thickens and I never saw it coming.  I am usually good at figuring out a story line in advance but they got me on this one ~ I can't wait to see what happens next.

I decided to write as I had an hour and a half before I have to be somewhere.  I am going to a play tonight. I did not expect to be able to see this one, although I was dying to see it.  I missed the half price tickets. Luckily for me however ~ my friend offered up his two complimentary tickets as he is going to be out of town this evening and cannot use them.

My life is good!  I get to go see Scott and Hem in the Garden of Allah by Mark St. Germain.  It is at the St. Germain Stage which I have only been to once before.  I am going to bring Tom's Dad.  He has never been to the Theatre.  He is excited about it.

It looks like rain so I am going to go casual this evening just in case I get caught in the rain.  It is chilly out there as well.  According to the Weather Channel it is going to be cooler over the next few days.  I do not mind shutting off the air conditioner that is for sure!

Tom has been over to his brothers for the past two days.  It is good to see him get out of the house now and again.  I am getting used to it.  I am getting caught up on the shows that he never wants to watch.  Well, the time is a passing and I need to drink my tea and figure out what to wear within the next 30 minutes.

Oh yeah ~ tomorrow will be my one year anniversary of the beginning of my Journey of Exploration ~ which is this blog!  I have been fondly looking back over the highlights of my year and there have been a few!

I hope your Friday the 13th has been as decadent in a good way as mine has been for me!

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