Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Wednesday again already!  Time sure does fly ~ it feels like I have been on vacation in my own home ~ which is not too bad of a thing ~ with all of the housework done and most of the organization well at hand, my son gone and not too many demands on my time I have been enjoying the solitude for a change.  It really is all about perspective!

My vacation is about to be over tomorrow as we resume our regular Thursday ~ bloodwork ~ every two weeks now instead of every week which means less trips to the lab and the pharmacy ~ which I do not mind at all!

My friend Cindy's son is in town and he has a story idea for a movie which he asked me if I wanted to help get down on paper which means a new outlet and some more experience with writing.  He began running the plot line by me the other day when I met him but between his Mom and Tom's Dad talking away at each other I proposed we discuss and possible begin work on it when they are not around ~ they are two huge personalities with equally loud voices and equally distracting and demanding.

We have an Italian Themed Third Thursday tomorrow evening ~ considering I missed the previous one ~ and the previous ArtWalk as well ~ I am really looking forward to this event.  My stepfather was Italian and I am everything except Italian but when you are raised by an Italian it kind of rubs off.

I made some simple Risotto this evening for the first time ~ since we are speaking of Italian.  I have never eaten it before.  I kept it simple.  First I baked a nicely seasoned Salmon Fillet in the oven ~ loaded with Dill and garlic and Lemon and Pepper and a bit of onion while my Risotto was cooking.

There are a million recipes for Risotto ~ too many to decide which would be best to try first so when the Risotto was finished cooking ~ all the endless stirring and cooking off of the water I seasoned it with some salt and flaked the Salmon.  The seasonings on the fish were awesome with the Risotto.  I was not unhappy ~ as a matter of fact ~ I ate an hour and a half ago and I am still full!

I am thankful I have an easier time with Italian Rice than I do with long grain or else I would have been upset to be sure!  I would love to get some amazing wild mushrooms or something like that to have in it ~ but I think next time I am going for the tomato basil.  It is simple and I have fresh ingredients here in the house.

A few interesting things are scheduled for this weekend, another weekend of being a tourist in my home County.  I am looking forward to it and hope the weather this weekend is as beautiful as it was today!  They changed our local Weather Channel so now I never know what the weather is going to be like until I step foot out the door ~ and around here that can change in an instant.

Global Warming is upon us which doesn't surprise me ~ I have been noting the changes since the mid 80's. It is exciting and mostly tragic ~ although, knock on wood, the worst we have gotten is horrible cold winds all winter and extremely hot days during the spring and summer.  I am hoping this winter will be a lot less windy and a lot more snow.  Not that I like snow ~ I just prefer when our weather does what it is supposed to do and snow does seem to make it warmer.

I am getting more used to this haircut of mine.  Now that I have gotten my normal conditioner back in the house it is beginning to make a difference on how my hair falls but I still do not like it most of the time.  Like every time I run a comb through it after I take a shower and the comb is through my hair way too quickly.

I am not a "girly" girl and these things don't usually bother me but I liked my long and curly hair and I miss my curls!  Like most things about me ~ my hair is also backwards ~ cutting off the dead weight did not make my curls spring back ~ it is like my hair forgot to be curly!  I could deal with the length (or shortness) otherwise!

The food coma is closing in on me ~ my brain is not in control ~ so I am going to sign off until tomorrow!  

Peace !

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your new haircut. That is a big step. Hoping to get to see some of 3rd Thursday. Going to try for the sausage, peppers and onions up at St. Joseph's . Hope I run into you. Have fun. Love the blog, as usual.