Monday, September 29, 2014


Time is drawing near ~ one more week and I will be on my way to Connecticut to my brothers for a good nights sleep before heading "under the knife".  It will be good to spend time with my brother with no distractions (except surgery).

I am not getting too nervous, although, I would be lying if I led you to believe I was not nervous at all.  I have been doing pretty good with the anxiety over the past couple of weeks, for many reasons which will not be listed in this blog.

The main reason has been keeping busy, which is always good.  I have gotten most of my house in order (including my room) which was on my list of things to be done by my deadline.  The table is almost cleared and I am somewhat satisfied with my progress.

This week is food preparation week.  I have been planning out comfort food for my recovery. Having the meals to prepare this week is pro strategy on my part since cooking is one of my passions it will help me to distract from my anxiety as it builds up prior to my appointment.

With ArtWalk on Friday, volunteering at Barrington Stage Company on Saturday and then Sunday to pack my bag and try not to forget anything with the deadline being Sunday for all meal preparation to be cooked and stored and whatever may come up in between it looks like I have just enough time to get everything done and have some fun distractions as well.

My review is written and ready for me to add pictures.  My computer is still down ~ I have even considered doing anything hands on about it in a week exactly and I am still not worried about not having a link to the big, bad world.

In reality, my son got a new video game for Playstation which he and his brother can play together from their prospective houses so I really have had as much computer time as I have needed when I have been home.

I had a sleepover with my granddaughter before my big event, just the two of us, which was so much fun!  We pre`Christmas shopped on the Internet.  It was fun watching her go through the pages of toys and add everything to a wish list. No clothes, Gramma (my sentiments exactly). unless she wants clothes and then I am all in!

The weather has been very nice the past few days and I was invited to take a road trip to Hudson, NY to see what an active and busy Saturday was in a very diverse town full of Art and Culture.  I even attended an Art Auction for the first time in between Shops, Galleries and Antique Shops.

There was also a cute little house behind a gated wall of the Secret Garden which I could imagine it as a private residence, which was very charming for a floral shop with plants and trees growing outside, slightly overgrown paths and just a delightful atmosphere.  Life has been very wonderful indeed!

It is nice to learn through living, and what I have learned this month is that not all change is bad and that when you are on the right path there are signs along the way that reinforce those choices with a brighter, lighter and happier existence than one could ever hope to imagine, affirming my new mantra that there are no coincidences!

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