Saturday, September 20, 2014


It is quite interesting to me, especially after a couple of days of less computer time, to see just how attached to the computer and internet I am and what it means as I take a break to write and regroup before going to bed and some serious sleep very soon after not even making a dent in the email, games and general time wasting distractions I employ.  When my attention is elsewhere the stuff just piles up!  I am amazed by the accumulation and the realization both!

 I spent the day out of town yesterday at the Big E ~ an Exposition with building for the New England States, attractions, food and a Carnival.  .I got invited to step into a Volunteer Appreciation Day vacancy since a friends wife had to work, through R.S.V.P.  which is a volunteer organization that I need to look into.

When my son was being tutored at the Library I used to read their opportunities as I smoked my cigarette during my four hour days/5 day a week for three years.  At that time I hadn't yet begun volunteering since I had no time for it.

It was a great day with transportation on a very nice bus, a snack bag with water, crackers, cookies an apple and some mints.  My water was very frozen so I lucked out having cold water throughout the day, and it was warmer by far in Springfield than it would have been at home ~ I was grateful!

5 hours may seem like ample time to walk through but the place is bigger than you realized until you are racing across the grounds to check out a show on time!  The Grizzly Bear Rescue had a 15 minute show and who could pass up an opportunity to see in person a grizzly bear???

Or the cute little pigs racing around the ring, with the audience being broken down into sections to cheer their pigs ~ each section had a person chosen who, if the pig won would win a plastic pig snout and oreo cookies, the winning pig racing to the finish line for his prize, also an oreo cookie.

And who could resist watching a cute little pot belly pig swimming an eight foot span for his cookie reward?  The anticipation thick, as the pig sets up and delays, shaking his cute little tail before leaping four feet across the water and swimming the rest of the way for his reward?

Watching a mentalist perform his magic ~ wondering, really, how the heck???  But knowing that we all posses the power to access more of our brains than we do, and enjoying the entertainment along with the awe and amazement and the skill ~ 100%.

I watched some seriously beautiful horses go through the paces in the ring ~ watching the skill and talent of the young riders.  Knowing they put so much time in training and grooming to prepare.  The dedication and hard work does not go unnoticed by me, and I love horses!

Walking through the State buildings, each state set up with vendors selling their wares, walking through sampling some amazing dips, fudge, wine.  Enjoying, finally a table to sit at and rest and listen to a couple of musical performances between racing around some more, taking in the sights, people everywhere!

Making the bus at 4 ~ grateful for the comfort of the seat and the opportunity to take a snooze and wake up at the just outside my exit was exquisite as I was completely exhausted by that point!

Arriving back home in time to walk through the Third Thursday Event with men in high heels getting ready to do a walk to raise money to support the end of Violence against women and bring an awareness to the community.  I think it was the third annual, but don't quote me on that.  I made my way down the street seeing everything that was there, and making my way home.

Thankful for the opportunity, refreshed and recharged, although still wiped out!  Busy, busy!  Perspective and motivation seem to be shifting, life is good.  I am feeling very balanced in my energy.  I even set up the shelf I brought down the other night and cleaned two rooms today, made some delicious risotto for lunch and took a walk around Silver Lake ~ grateful to see signs posted warning people not to eat the fish.

Coming home to have the phone, which has been silent begin ringing and my son planning to come home, and then my granddaughter, just in the call, not in the words wanting to sleep over ~ just what I need!  Thomas not coming home ~ even better ~ girls night!!!  One on One pure and sweet LOVE!!!

Colouring, talking, playing with stuffed animals, pajamas and renting the Lego Movie, falling asleep, but denying it, watching Ainsley fall asleep cute as a bug in a rug!  I love the pattern of my life, the people and the things that make me smile!

It is late and my nap was good, but I am ready to go snuggle with my munchkin who will be up before I know it.  Looking forward to the day!   I am writing a review for an event at the Whitney Center for the Arts
one out of two I get to do before my Surgery ~ with more to come in October if I am able!

Two years writing and the path is opening up.  An unexpected event to say the least.  It gives me a boost.  It is nice to see something that I love to do but am uncertain why I do it turn into an opportunity.  I like when new paths become clear ~ it shows progress and forward motion ~ something I really do take pride in.

I am rambling and I am out ~ perhaps you will get to the Big E or even the Whitney ~ Get out there and participate ~ the feeling is great!

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