Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Last week I wrote a blog about the effects of technology on our lives these days, between the computer, phones and such we are tuned in and attached and seemingly cannot live without checking in, one way or another with technology.

I am the same way with the computer and internet.  I normally spend most of my day playing a game, typing an email, reading something, interacting with people, writing and publishing things that I write whenever I am home and not cooking or interacting with my son or granddaughter, garden or art/craft.  That is my life ~ the way it is, or has been for a number of years.

The other day, my computer had some kind of meltdown. I kind of forgot that it happened since it happened before I went to bed, but the next morning when I awoke and went to turn it on it wouldn't.

My son has a computer so I made my tea and used his computer and life was sort of normal.  I decided to try to get one of my other computers up and running.  I gathered what I thought I needed and nothing happened twice!

It was Monday, so that meant I had an obligation out of the house, time was not in my favour.  On top of that, it was my middle son's birthday and I had a dinner to prepare and serve.  That was all good.  Less time available to realize what reality was about to be-for real!

After dinner and my family left, my son let me use his computer again to do my daily activities, so again, everything was good (except for his horrible keyboard and mouse), we share pretty well.  Since we live in the same house but seem to live in different time zones it is okay ~ especially now that I am allowed to use my keyboard and mouse (as long as I change it back when I am done and re-start the computer).

One of the things which I have noticed during the three days and nights without a computer to sit in front of and distract with and generally have more time than you actually realize pass once you pull yourself away (me anyway), is that I am not really bothered by not having the full time access to the computer.

It does suck when I want to sit down and write my blog or some story which I think up, and I can't.  Or when I need to look up something really quick and I go to my computer and see three of them sitting there and not one working for me, but overall, what I am noticing is that it isn't really as bad as I thought it would.

Today was a pretty busy day, with an early appointment out for my son so we were out of the house and, as a change, I had company in the world walking and doing my errands, lunch with my boy and a walk for me accompanied by him riding his bike.

Nice, quality time together in the daytime ~ my time, something which I rarely get but truly cherish! So much nicer for me than spending time with him from early afternoon until I can't keep my eyes open while we are watching television together before he goes and resumes his day, which is my night.

One can only hope that it is the start of a normal schedule, but alas, I am sure that tomorrow will be the norm once again and today will only be a glimmer of a memory long before it happens again!  I digress!

Without all that life sucking, time wasting computer monopolizing my time (and much of every-ones newsfeed) I have been actively filling my time with useful and productive activities.  I know it has only been 3 days, but in that time I have written just under 8 hand written pages of a story with a clear beginning and end.  The words seemed to flow from pen to paper with an ease I don't always find through the keyboard.

I have cleaned, cleared and organized a couple of hard core areas which I have been putting off. Moved my dresser back where it started and set up the top and organized my jewelry which I have begun to wear again.

I seem to have kick started myself back into action by the inaction of a box which monopolizes my time and really has lowered my standards.  The more I clean the more I notice just how dirty I let everything get, which is normally quite unusual for me.

So, I think I am going to change my relationship with my computer.  I am not going to let it monopolize my time as much.  I am not really stressing and I know that I can get one of the two other computers working as a temporary thing ~ when I feel like it, and ya know, I am not feeling like it and that is okay with me!

With just short of two weeks left to go before my surgery I have much to do in preparation so this is a good time to have this attitude.  Not to say that I will forgo my usual morning routine and any other chance I get to work or play on the computer, but instead of play and then maybe work I will be utilizing my time like I have none which may just work out better for me.

I am off for now ~ I have a few minutes left and want to go play my games before my son realizes that he hasn't been on his computer very much at all either and kicks me off!

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