Friday, September 12, 2014


I have remained much more grounded this week and have been enjoying the peace of mind very much.  I just finished a nice meal with my son and decided to take some time and just write with no stress or point for a change and see where it goes.

I really have enjoyed writing post which have been engaging people to communicate.  I may not have a clear view of what my blog is for, other than to journal.  I think that in trying to find a "purpose" I lost my purpose and my enthusiasm to write daily (unless I had an adventure to share!)

For me, everyday is an adventure, in reality.  Something I think I lost sight of as well as I got super bogged down with trying to find a purpose.  So many people recently have been telling me how much I inspire them and how positive I am to them, in life, which helped me to realize that that is my purpose.

I know that life can be difficult sometimes for all of us and upon reflection of past posts over the two years (and yes ~ it is our Anniversary on Sunday ~) GClawdia has been at it for two years!!!!)  It has been a challenge at times to stay focused with so many things taking me away from my writing everyday and remember that one thing I always try to do in my life and in writing is find a silver lining, spread the love and hope to make people smile.

I have challenged myself with writing in a Chapter Book, Writing Challenges, Poetry, journaling and the new challenge of writing reviews.  I have gotten to know so many people through writing my blog.  So many Artists have been gracious enough to speak with me and share themselves with me at ArtWalk and in the world in general.

I am no longer standing in the background looking in, if I have an question I ask it and get so much more than a general answer, this is very affirming to me as a human being.  I haven't found my "tribe" yet so to speak, but I am finding the world a different place now that I have a different outlook.

It is nice and I thank you all for being along for the ride so to speak.  I appreciate your readership and your support when I ask for it, all of the wonderful comments and have recently found out I can reply to your comments so don't be surprised to hear from me!

I am still an idiot when it comes to anything more than typing and spell checking and hitting that Publish button ~ have no idea how to manipulate design or really make changes as such ~ maybe I will be putting that on my list but probably not!  I think I am getting better with pictures though!!

I have had fun making a garden this summer and wouldn't you know the one vegetable that produced was the one I like the least ~ I am making the best of it though and next year ~ well, next year I will have a better set up for sure!

I am indeed nervous about my surgery as it draws nearer ~ still have to get that whole trip in order, all the preparation to be gone for a couple of days and down for an unknown amount of time still bothers me ~ the unknown is sometimes not an exciting thing!

I am surprised at how twisted my mind got over the past couple of weeks.  I am aware now and will not deny it to you or myself that I am worried and that is what happens when I stuff emotions ~ emotions are funny creatures ~ they come out when you don't need them to in random ways when you don't allow them to!

I am thankful it is Friday and that the day is coming to an end.  I am looking forward to hanging out with my boy and watching some senseless television with my heating pad and have a laugh or two and a good nights sleep and be ready to face tomorrow with a clear head and open eyes!

My son is waiting for me to hang out and my heating pad is beeping in the microwave so I am out for today.  Thank you for your continued support!  Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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