Sunday, September 7, 2014


The other day on Facebook I shared a video that was quite violent of a person getting run over repeatedly with the car being chased by Police in a country that was not the U.S.A., and the car coming back around and running over the person again and backing up and one more time for good measure before speeding away chased by the police.

It is unclear from the video whether the driver had a grudge against the pedestrian or if the pedestrian happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The only thing we see is the road rage.  It was first thing in the morning kind of video and I shared it without a comment.  Something I do when I am not awake, and clearly I should have posted a "Viewer Discretion" label on the thing ~ but it didn't have one and I wasn't awake.

When I shared the viral video ~ not for any humour content, or entertainment value ~ basically to see what the general reaction from the WORLD would be regarding this shocking video in comments from the General Public to get a feeler for the climate regarding such matters.  I got more than I bargained for.

One of the first comments, from someone who I went to Elementary School with, posted "Why would you share this?"  I think I replied something about it not being for entertainment more to see what others would think, say, respond ~ or not respond.

I went about my business, doing my chores and errands out of the house to come home hours later to see a post in my newsfeed that said "friend" had put up for a bashing and topic of discussion.  While he respectfully did not use my name (as I am not using his), he got quite a few responses regarding the "incident".

This one is one of my favourites :

"No one needs visuals of negative garbage in their day! I really wonder about the agenda or mental stability of those that post it."  You are on the Internet ~ the information highway ~ and Facebook to boot!

"Thanks for bringing this to people's attention. It is insensitive to others."

There were more!  Many people commented!

I find it mildly amusing that a person who doesn't speak to me in the "real world" would be so offended by this video which I shared, enough so that he sent me a personal message in order for me to apologize for my inconsiderate sharing of said video, to mention how close we were in 4, 5 or 6th grade and to basically degrade me, not only publicly without mentioning my name, but also privately like I was a child and the only person in the world to share a shocking video ~ (which one has the ability to scroll on by).

 "I don't want to out anyone. The person and I have had a respectful FB email exchange and they understand that what they posted was offensive."

That was also interesting.  I was not unfriended and promised in the future to add a tag if my shares will be of a morbid, violent or "REAL" nature.  Right before I took my shower I happened to read all of the remarks attached to his post and found it very interesting that his group of friends are very opinionated about what they do and more to the point do not want to see in their news feeds.  Violent, shocking and real life need not apply, along with those anti smoking and pro vegan posts as well.  Sorry guys (vegans especially!)

"Same thing with some of the new quit smoking commercials....We shouldn't be forced to watch or see these things.....put it all somewhere together for those who for some reason want to see and/or post all that stuff."

"Okay I hear you and I am creeped out by the serious anti meat eating vegan ones too although I am very sympathetic to that cause"

In America, we are fools for movies.  Action movies, drama, comedy, romance.  I listen to these same people and know they watch movies and if that same video was a part of a movie they would have probably really enjoyed it ~ but in real life they bash the sharer of the reality.  As the bashed I think they are just as insensitive!

I was pretty hurt when I was singled out by my "Friend".  It came on a day when I was beating myself up in my own life for a couple of things that had occurred.  I do find it mildly amusing still after reading every one's two cents worth!

I have to add that the same day I posted this funny video of  a Teenage African American Youth who was very humorously telling his friends about a field trip in the summer which he attended with a group of "pale/ashy classmates" to go pick cotton all day in a cotton field and then turn in their bags of cotton afterwards down South somewhere, and his mother's reaction when she found some cotton in his pocket the next day when she was doing wash and  then her reaction when she went to the school and called out the Principle for making young black children pick cotton.  I, like the mother, would have been mortified and angry for the administration of doing something so tacky!

Did I get one response from that?  One little reaction of rage/ anger/outrage?  Nope, I guess me and the boy and his Mom are the only people on the planet who feel offended by that one!

Or the one the week before which a man who ran an Orphanage lined up and beat and threw each child across the room crying after he abused them?  Nope, no comments/outrage there!

But for a random person getting repeatedly run over in the street in a foreign country where I have been told by people who travel to foreign countries that the natives (jokingly) when discussing hit and runs (which are far more common than one would think) that you "better make sure they are dead so that you don't have to pay the medical and funeral".

How true it is ~ I do not know.  Different cultures, different standards.  

"More viewings, the more we are desensitized and the more immoral we become. We are on quite a path at the moment. Please stop the flood of stupidity. "

So I think we should just keep watching our violent sports, Action Movies (where good overcomes evil), more terrorism, taking over the White House, the world, and continue to not see the reality of what is going on with the world.  Keep playing those violent video games, keep bashing those we have a different opinion from ~

We all see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe ~ the only thing different are our perceptions and our realities!!!

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  1. I had a whole speech written on here about this lol but it disappeared as I logged in :-/ ok at any rate I saw the video and did not comment , had I it would have been like this " I wonder if they caught him and if the other person lived thru such an ordeal." This is the internet and there is all kinds of things out there that we might and might not like. But we live in a country where we are free to post what we want and free to choose not to watch something. Don't let anyone tell you what to do or had to act. Be the best you that you have always been. Nothing wrong with posting anything you feel comfortable doing. That is why there is an unfriend button for people who don't like it to use and move on with their lives. I know I have posted some dark stuff myself and probably will in the future, that is me and I will be me everyday as long as I live.