Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I like to keep busy.  It is easier for me to make it through a day when I have planned things to do.  More times than not I waste a lot of time wasting time.  I am good at it, but it is not fulfilling to me to sit by and let the world pass me by.

Every once in a while, especially over the course of the previous few weeks, I find myself with a day or two with nothing going on and I think ~ that is okay and before I know it I am whisked off to do this or that with a moments notice.

Last night I was fortunate enough to attend a workshop at the Lichtenstein Gallery,  MCLA's Berkshire Cultural Resource Center "Tricks of the Trade" Workshop on how to write an Artist Statement.  Although I am not an artist, I write about artists, I know a few artists and in reality writing is an Art as well.  I have been asked to write an Artist Statement for friends in the past so I figured it would be a good tool for my tool box.

I was glad I attended.  I got to meet some people whom I have only heard about, and others whom I do not know at all.  It was a little tricky to accomplish the writing and other tasks in the short time allotted to us for these tasks, however, but a great deal of fun and very informational, with a great brochure with more free events to attend which I cannot wait to participate in!

When I finished there I was planning on just heading home and relaxing, but my friend Paul had another idea ~ there was a showing of a documentary at the Berkshire Athenaeum about Mass MOCA followed by a question and answer period.

We arrived for about the final 10 minutes of the documentary and stayed for the full Q&A.  It was interesting.  I have yet to visit this wonderful museum, having been invited for an opening this past Friday but feeling too under the weather to attend (I do stay home once in a while!)

On the way home, my friend told me about a Real Estate program he had registered us for the following day so I said sure ~ why not.  I met him at the Library where he was doing some work.  While he was finishing up I ran into an acquaintance of mine ~ another man whom I had met at around the same time as my friend Paul.

It is always a huge pleasure of mine to see and chat with this person.  With only a few minutes before the meeting, we stepped outside in the Courtyard to catch up and I am glad that I did, although when I went back into the library I had lost my friend (who was searching the library for me, unbeknownst to me!)

I panicked, thinking he had headed over to the Crowne Plaza where our meeting was, calling him on the way to let him know where I was only to get voice mail!  Long story short ~ we met up outside the building and listened to 90% of a pitch leaving before the extremely high pressure sale began.

It was nice and sunny when we went into the event.  When we came out the sky was dark and full of clouds and the temperature had dropped a bit.  I had business at the other end of the street so I left Paul to go back to his car and departed to do my errands before the rain came.  (Two hours later ~ no rain, but no serious sun either ~ that is the Berkshires!)

Now I am sitting at my house, happy to be home and enjoying the fact that I have nothing scheduled until Thursday evening and another new experience my "Social Director" has dug up for us to attend.  My good friend Wendy and her daughter Tori will be arriving from South Carolina and we have plans to get together Friday, and go to First Friday ArtWalk together and eat Maine Lobster (her treat as long as she can cook and eat them here ~ no Maine Lobster in S.C. which surprises me!)

My ex (not the bad one) came and had tea this morning, bringing me some brand new pastels and a art pad for pastels.  One of the perks of my life ~ ask and you shall receive.  (Not really, but this week it seems to be the case!)  I am still feeling a bit under the weather so I need to really keep it low key so I don't perpetuate this illness longer than need be!  The art supplies will keep me sitting still, in my house and using very little energy (other than creative).

I have a full weekend of outdoor events and weather permitting will be sharing some amazing information and pictures with you all ~ it is the Fall in the Berkshires so fingers crossed it will be dry and 100 % doable!  I am off to make another tea and sit back and relax for a bit!

Have a marvelous day!


  1. I am tired just reading of your escapades. Talk about the Energizer Bunny. Even when you are sick, you keep going. I wish I could bottle your energy. Love living through your eyes. Have a wonderful time, and NEVER stop enjoying, and writing.

  2. I love the Berkshire Museum ! I used to work there and helped them build their live animal department ! Then I wrote a feeding program for the computer the used at the time :-) I believe a man Name Tom was the Department head then . I vow to go back soon maybe the weekend of the 12th I will have my granddaughter with me.