Saturday, August 31, 2013


If you are like me no means no.  Some people do not accept of "NO" and manipulate situations to get a Yes.  When I first began blogging I did submit for AdSense through Google and got a NO.  The other day I reviewed my application and resubmitted it and today for some reason I got approved!!

So this is my alert to you all that I will be running ads on my blog.  It is something that could indeed generate some income ~ not getting my hopes up ~ every little bit does help during these trying days as I am not a member of the 1% unless you are going the other way as in totally broke!

I was just talking to my friend and fellow blogger the other day about how I couldn't get the AdSense and she was surprised which made me A.  Retry and B.  Succeed.  She also offered her technical savvy as I truly do not have any.

Sure, I can program a V.C.R. (oh wait ~ those are obsolete) navigate my way around the Internet, play games, uninstall and reinstall programs and change a hard drive out if I need to, but that is about the extent of my usefulness as far as code and crap goes.

I am not of the techie generation.  I was living in the country screwing up my computer every other day and taking care of a house, two kids, a dog and two acres of land while I was recovering from my accidents. The only reason I know how to reinstall everything is because it was necessary after I began changing the wrong settings on my computer accidentally!

On another note ~ I am feeling so so ~ the headache has not come back yet today and my muscles seem much looser today thankfully!  I made it to the supermarket and picked up my supplies before the rain came so I am ready for the next two days of playing in my kitchen!

I will be documenting it so god willing the pictures will come out okay and I will have something besides a full tummy to show for my day!  I am planning on the won ton wraps from scratch to make some won ton soup and some Crab Rangoon's (the cream cheese should be safe overnight ~ no bagels in the house).

I did some housework today so that I wont feel guilty for playing tomorrow.  I do need to figure out a treat I can make for my son with the products I have on hand ~ maybe a cake or some cupcakes or something so he wont feel left out.

The thunder is booming and the lightening is flashing so I am going to end this for the day.  I hope you all have a great and safe weekend ~ have fun and designate a driver if you are going to be drinking.  Happy Labour Day and enjoy the final day of August.

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