Saturday, January 4, 2014


The storm did not bring the anticipated snow to our area ~ in fact I only had a couple of powdery inches on the railing of my deck this morning when I woke.  The driveway was plowed and my sidewalks shoveled. One of the perks of renting property with a property manager.  I like to shovel snow but in the below zero temperatures outside I was thankful not to even step foot out to see what that felt like!

Curbing my disappointment ~ my thoughts went to the project of the morning ~ setting back to work on the ham concoction I was making yesterday.  I popped a tea in the microwave and put the pan on the stove from the fridge to loosen things up in order to strain the stock.

I began my morning ritual as usual ~ computer, tea, games, mail, reading ~ endless reading.  I really was sluggish all morning ~ unable to wake up at all.  Finally I turned on the Weather Channel to see how cold it actually was outside.

Not really surprised by the lack of snow ~ it is normal for the forecasters to over predict for our area.  What I wasn't prepared for were the cold temperatures.  18 below with the windchill.  Brrrrrr!!!!!  Was I ever thankful that I had gotten all my supplies the day before!

I strained the stock and chopped a fresh onion and some garlic and added that into the stock.  I chopped up the ham and threw that in the pot and checked out my bean choices.  I went with a dark kidney bean and a red kidney bean and left that all to simmer for a while.

I fiddled around with a couple of things and made another cup of tea.  I was really not interested in my games and the day seemed to drag on a bit.  After a while I decided to throw another can of beans into the mix.

The stock was a golden colour on top and a nice brown underneath ~ the aroma was making my stomach growl although I usually do not eat too much in the day time.  After a fashion I gave in and served myself up a bowl.

It was delish.  I ate three bowl over the course of the afternoon which is saying a lot.  I am usually a one meal a day girl aside from the massive quantity of tea I try not to drink throughout the day!

I read a couple of good blogs on Glipho.  That is my library now it seems.  It is cool.  I am sure you are sick of hearing about it but it is no joke for real.  I think I have more of a social thing going there right now than just about anywhere.

Thomas slept rather late today which was a bit of a disappointment.  When he woke up I fell asleep!  Did I mention that he has hijacked my living room for some undefined reason as his sleeping area.  Breaking rules! One of my biggest peeves!  He knows this too.

When he vacated the 6 foot couch and went to his computer I left the cushy comfort of the love seat and not even Joan Crawford and Clark Gable could keep me awake even though it was a movie I have never seen! Try as I did ~ I was lost for about 30 minutes in dreamland.

After the movie we had some quality time also watching a movie.  We made it through Identity Theft completely.  I say this because we have actually had it on a few times and for one reason or another were unable to watch it through and through.

It was not only funny but it had a pretty good story line with action and a twist of the tale at the end that I was not prepared for.  A very good movie ~ clean, family movie night stuff ~ it has something for everyone.

I am getting tired again despite the nap so I am going to retire.  I have to face whatever temperatures are out there tomorrow for some banking which I dread since the bank is a distance either of the two choices that I have to walk to.

Fingers crossed it will be above zero or at the very least not windy.  I would settle for no wind out of all of my choices!  I hope you all made it through no problems as well.  I am hoping this Arctic blast is like the cold temperatures of a couple of days ago and just sounds worse than they actually are (?) I think that would be a fine example of wishful thinking!

On that note I am saying goodnight and hitting my pillow.  Have an excellent outlook and don't forget to share the love with a smile and a kind word.  

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