Thursday, January 30, 2014


It is late Wednesday night ~ I was engrossed in a time management game when my son decided to make some brownies.  "Mom ~ is this a teaspoon ?" he asked, holding up a spoon out of the drawer.  I said, "No ~ a teaspoon is a measuring spoon ~ the small one."  I continue on with my game.

"This is really hard to stir." he says from the kitchen.  I said, "It will be a little dry."  He comes over to my computer where I am trying to feed mad people dessert in the dessert and it is indeed VERY dry.  I told him to add some water.

Done with the game, I am in the living room rolling a cigarette.  He comes out ~ "Mom, you will have to help me with this next part, my arm is really sore."  I go into the kitchen and wonder how so much chaos can be created by water, oil, mix and one egg!

I look at the directions, survey my surroundings.  I notice the teaspoon on the table.  I read the directions.  I ask him ~ "What did you use the teaspoon for?"  "I used half of one for the water, and two of them for the oil."

I began to laugh ~ "No wonder the mix was so hard ~ TBS is tablespoon." and start cracking up!  "Well, how many tablespoons are in a teaspoon?" he asked.  Between my laughter, I told him three.  We added the remaining four teaspoons of oil necessary.

I put the mix, (after adding some chips) into the oven and ask him how long it needs to go in for despite having just read it five times.  "Umm, 15 minutes or until done."  I smiled as I put it in the oven and set the timer.

I go back to my game and my failure is my defeat for the evening.  The timer beeps.  I send him out to remove the brownies from the oven to cool.  He sits back down.  "Did you shut the oven off?" I ask.  "I think so." he says.  "The timer or the oven," I ask.

"They are not the same?" says he, "I am not sure ~ I will check in a minute."

I begin to write this blog and as I am typing I start laughing out loud once again.  "What is so funny?  he asks.  "You are" I say, I hug him and continue laughing.

That is priceless to me, and brownies to boot before bed!  

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