Saturday, January 11, 2014


Wow! When I wrote about unexpected events almost a week ago I really wasn't asking the universe to send me so many challenges and surprises all week!

I ended up staying up very late Sunday night to watch Downton Abbey ~ since it was the season premier it was two hours instead of one which brought the hour to 3 a.m, somehow I managed to stay awake through the whole thing despite the hour.

Monday morning came too early with a restricted phone number on my cell at 6:15 or some ungodly hour.  I recognized the voice although they asked for Shannon and not me.  I went back to sleep until 11:00 after that.

Monday is my busy day with my afternoon appointment and I had errands after that.  I remembered to phone in Tom's refill when I got up only to learn that he needed a new insurance card or something.

I had no idea what they were talking about ~ not having been caffeinated and bleary eyed I began searching through every pile of paper after the desk resulted in zilch!  Time was ticking and I still needed to take a shower and make it to my appointment.

I made it out the door 15 minutes behind schedule armed with everything that I could find with insurance numbers from the past two months.  I decided to multi-task on the way to my appointment ~ double checking with the meat guy that his boss hadn't cashed the check and making arrangements to get together and trade him some cash for that check.

I don't know how I made it to my appointment on time, but I walked in the door and into the office ~ no waiting.  I took off my three layers of winter warmth and sat myself down.  I was thankful the rain from the night and morning had stopped and it had begun to snow before I had left the house.  The temperatures were seasonable and comfortable along the way.

When I departed after my hour ~ and what an hour it was after a two week break!  So much crap to discuss in my safe place.  Funny how I totally forgot to even think about my guy while I was losing it over Christmas while he was on vacation.  Something which never occurred to me.

I didn't even think of it until he asked me why I did not call him ~ he is right but as with all crisis big or small they pass in time and then they are forgotten.  Nothing is ever as big as it seems when you are in the midst of it and then afterwards you laugh and wonder what all the fuss is about!

On to the pharmacy I went.  I was glad I had those layers on as it was getting cooler.  After an hour in the pharmacy ~ with the right numbers they could do nothing but send me home and tell me to call.  I had my son call and he gave them permission to detail what was going on.

She called the pharmacy and put us on a three way call and gave them all the numbers I had given them to the T.  Then she told them to authorize it for 2014 and it went through in about 30 seconds.  I should have just started at my house and saved myself that useless hour!

We still had to go back so we did our monthly splurge and went up to the Chinese Restaurant to dine in and save 15%.  I actually got Tom to go out of the house!  We ate dinner and Cindy was working.  It was dead in there as usual despite the Sushi bar.

We got her out of work at 6:00 it was so slow and we all walked down to the Pharmacy.  She had been in there earlier and was going to town on the after Christmas Sale.  I spent a total of $15 on Christmas this year which was a lot ~ I made everything else I gifted with supplies I had on hand at the house.

Being crafty comes in handy!  So does being thrifty!  I cannot afford to spend extra money until I get my life back in order anyway and that may be when hell freezes over so I am not holding my breath!

Since I was up so late the night before you would think that I would have gone to bed at a decent hour but nope, I spent the next four nights falling into that late night crap!  Two days I slept in and two days I got up at a respectable hour.

It did not help that I have gotten distracted from my usual routine so greatly that I am not even playing my usual games other than to do basic maintenance and some of them not even that!  I found another game I am exercising my brain with and my reflexes.

Thursday I had made plans to get together with a cousin of my great grandmothers.  We have recently become friends on Facebook and met at my Aunt Rosemary's wake/funeral.  I teased her with talk of my applesauce and since I made plenty I shared.

Thursday was another warm temperature day.  I made sure of that before I made any plans.  Being a walker it is important to know these things.  I live by the temperature ~ if it is colder than normal I am not going out! I rarely need an excuse to have a pajama day anyway!

I did get out more than usual this week as well.  Almost like the good old days hanging with my best friend after dinner at the ranch.  It was nice to hang out and chill with cool people and stimulating conversation.  I left Thomas at home to get a taste of the solitary life I live while he is sleeping these mad hours!

I digress...

So I went to my cousins house.  She is somewhat older than I by more than 20 years and it was fun to visit and we had a cup of tea and she told me about my tying my great grandmother to a chair and living to tell about it!

I saw pictures of my great great grandfather and mother and a ton of people I do not even know about from stories.  No one ever talked about their relatives and it was not normal for them to socialize for some unknown reason.

The afternoon was so much fun!  I also got to go into a beautiful old house which has been transformed into equally as beautiful apartments.  One of my favourite things is old houses ~ especially stately ones!  It was up the street from the cocktail party I had poured wine at for the Theater a few months back and all of the houses are wonderful on that street!

I reluctantly accepted a ride despite the warmth of the day.  It was much quicker in a car I must admit and I was thankful.  Before I knew it my cousin had messaged me and thanked me for the applesauce which she had that night with a mouthwatering meal!

I should have been exhausted and sleeping early again but it was after 4 a.m. when I finally fell asleep this morning!  I tell you ~ I understand my son takes meds and they knock him out for twelve hours and he has the strangest hours in the world ~ now I do see how your schedule can get whacked and the difficulty in realigning it and I am not on medication!

So I have about three writing projects I am working on.  Two need to be done soon but I doubt if that will be today.  I am writing this at 12:30 at night ~ big surprise as I should again be tired but I am not!  I am determined to be in bed by 1:00 and get back on track tomorrow.

I did get half of my house done today since I am not spending so much time devoted to certain games I got hooked on!  I have to put Christmas back in it's boxes and pack it up for another year!  Do you know they already have Valentine's and some Easter Candy out in the stores already???

Heck ~ I was thinking of  just leaving the tree up and decorated except I need the room back.  I did see a cool thing where you can wrap your fake tree all decorated up in cellophane wrap then you are good to go for next year but I think decorating the  tree is half the fun!

There is a great Show at the Whitney Gallery tomorrow which I am hoping to get to.  I know the weather is going to be great (maybe some rain) but the artist is going to be in the house with a Question and Answer with all kinds of his work and he is in his 90's ~ some has never been seen before from what I hear.

I have successfully covered my week except for the strangest randomest and most unexpected event of the entire week ~ as if it hasn't been odd enough.  There was a strange yet familiar number on the caller I.D. on Wednesday.

I decided to dial it up on Thursday and low and behold my father called my house.  I should say he denies calling my house although it was on my caller I.D.  I was caught off guard and we were on the phone for 20 minutes which was short for him.

He was at his friends house.  We said goodbye and he said he would call me later when he got home.  Not to be mean but as usual he did not follow through which is the story of "our" life. Choices are made and this is one I choose not to be the only person in the relationship working for it ~ father or not.

You can't choose your family as the old saying goes.  I just hate those weeks of random unexpectedness!  It makes me sad and disappointed, but I am no longer a child and I am not going to cry about it.  I made my choice to stop pursuing~ no wonder I need therapy!

On that note ~ I am off ~ 10 minutes til bedtime!  Have a good night!

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