Saturday, January 18, 2014


Saturday ~ it is Saturday correct?  For some reason I thought yesterday was Saturday.  One day short of two weeks of not being able to sleep until the wee hours of the morning has finally caught up with me!

Fortunately my son got kidnapped by his brother a couple of days ago.  I utilized that time to take advantage of a living room not occupied by a sleeping body and vacuumed during the commercials on American Horror Story (encore showing) which led me to continue onto the computer room and the bedding and blankets.  Needless to say I was being productively awake that night!

I picked up where I left off on Thursday by sorting and folding and putting away the ten tons of bedding and laundry I have been stacking in a basket and finally felt satisfied with a job well done and tired!  That did not allow me to sleep at a decent hour however but it did make the day go by much faster.

My son had remembered his camera for me to borrow so I promptly plugged in the battery so that I could get my tree shots and put Christmas away for the year.  It took forever to charge so Christmas is still where it was at the beginning of the week ~ yet closer to being put away ~ maybe today!

My Friday that felt like a Saturday was a beautiful day when I finally got outside during the afternoon hours. I went into my favourite consignment shop and inquired about the fur coat I wished I could buy (it was the wrong size yet reasonable) heard about the really quality ones in the back (dreaming there) would not even look at them!  Settled on two pairs of jeans for a whopping $11. ~  a steal and a necessity since I had to lay two pairs of pants to rest this week.

On my way home I ran into Cynthia and then we ran into her husband Angel.  We headed down the street to my house.  Angel had never been over so we sat him in the living room with the History Channel and Cindy made tea and I grabbed the Math book for Angels class and then we visited for a bit.

Cindy had to go to work so we went and did her errands and walked her to work.  We made plans to get together and go get fish after her shift.  I went home and waited for the call.  Of course I fell asleep on the couch waiting.

I grabbed my phone and went up to my room ~ it was about 8:00 p.m.  I decided that I could either go back to sleep and shake this messed up schedule or go on the computer and it would be late again and the cycle would continue.

Cindy called around 8:30 ~ I did not feel like going out so we made plans to do our fish dinner next Friday before she goes to work since her boss has been keeping her later and later on Friday nights.  One way to skin a cat!

I opted for sleep ~ blessed sleep!  It feels really good to wake up (stiff and sore as I am from all of the activity of the week - lugging of supplies and walking!) at a decent hour after going to bed (a bit early) but I hope it has done the trick!

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