Saturday, January 25, 2014


The word of the week is LATE ~ late to bed, late to rise!  I was doing so well until Wednesday night when I stayed up too late leading Thursday to be a sleep in kind of day ~ very abnormal for me, yet seemingly the new normal.

I am a go with the flow kinda girl, so I just adjusted my day, starting the soup right off the bat to finish up the stock on Thursday before heading out into the cold day to pick up some sugar and grabbing the crackers for my pate despite the 10 below with the wind temperatures.

I shopped as locally as I could ~ North Street and Family Dollar and made my way back home.  Of course I ran into Cindy outside of our favourite Consignment store and she was going on and on about a hat she wants to get me that was moved/sold so we went inside to locate it.

We found it.  I tried it on and she negotiated a price.  I guess my fashion lady thinks I need a new hat.  It is not normally something that I wear except for my signature black velvet winter hat to match my gloves and a couple of favourite jackets.  This is a green felt hat with a feather ~ cute indeed, just need to figure out if it works for my wardrobe.

She came over and had tea with me and we hung out for a while ~ Thomas was on my couch again ~ a short lived victory the day before when he slept in his actual bedroom!  I strained the bones from my stock and began putting my soup together.

Thomas finally woke up and we were busy on the computers before long.  I called Patrick and invited him and his Dad over for soup.  He said they would let me know.  The veggies were still cooking when I phoned so there was no hurry.

He called back and said they had to go a couple of places, including the store to pick up his new WII U.  When they arrived he headed straight for my living room and the t.v. and began unpacking the box and setting up the new system.

By the time he got it going it was going on 10:30!  Good thing the game had to do an update so we could actually eat dinner.  The controller for the system is cool.  It has it's own screen so you can do other things with the t.v. and monitor the status of the download from another room.  Not too shabby!

After dinner the download was done.  Full of delicious soup we headed back to the living room and he was ready to pack it up citing his Dad wanting to leave, his Dad was content in reality, so I begged him to play a game and see how the graphics looked and how the controller actually felt during game play.

He is a Mario nut ~ always has been.  Any video game he touches he powers through and after a couple of plays he did pack it up.  Making me happy with the demonstration and his Dad happy to go home.  Thomas went with them and I settled into my gaming.

Of course it was around 2 a.m. when I decided I could not click another button and I headed upstairs to my room.  I was not tired at all despite the day of walking in the cold and running around doing things in the house so I decided to watch t.v. and pluck my eyebrows.

I was surprised when it was 4 a.m. and I still wasn't tired.  When it was heading to 6:00 a.m. I was getting really concerned and basically forced myself to go to sleep.  Friday was already here and I was losing the sleep battle!

I woke at 11 and stayed up, made a tea and put on some music.  I found some Valentine window stickers so I separated them and put that on my list for the Dining room windows since they face the street.  I started some laundry and grabbed the empty containers for the Christmas decorations to go back in storage for another year.

While my tea was cooking I swept the dirt off the kitchen floor ~ a wonderful combination of popcorn kernels and dust bunnies ~ the key I guess is to just do chores automatically without thinking of it ~ and within 5 minutes that task was done.

I am re watching "Once Upon A Time" on Netflicks and found that I did miss a couple of episodes in the first season, and crocheted some more of my blanket at the same time.  It is harder to smoke while my hands are busy since I am trying to quit so the crocheting is a perfect craft to pass the time.

After a while I was bored with that and jumped back on the computer, thought about writing and decided I was too tired and went to bed very early to try to break this Insomnia(?) ~ although for me when I can't sleep it used to be for a couple of weeks at a time with no sleep just extreme tiredness.  Knock on wood that doesn't happen!

Sleep was difficult coming and after 45 minutes of trying, I phoned the boys to see how the new system was.  I hadn't spoken to anyone all day so I figured I would make contact.  I chatted with both of them and said good night.

Today it is Saturday and it is snowing lightly out.  I am not sure how cold it is and do not care at the moment.  I have no where to be so it looks like a day of work ahead of me.  My tummy is feeling a bit off, so I am not sure how much work I will actually be doing.

It looks like it might be a day of more Netflicks and crocheting along with tea and toast to soothe my tummy.  I hope it works.  I hate being sick and cannot imagine what is going on.  Maybe I am catching something and the sleep disorder is a symptom ~ I am not sure.

With any luck it is just a 24 hour thing and I will be right as rain to begin my week normally.  Monday is coming ~ another week out of the way and a busy month ahead with two birthdays within 5 days of each other.

My kids seem not to care too much about Birthday dinners lately as we still haven't made up for last years when Tom was in the hospital.  I am hoping to make this years birthday special since he will be turning 21 on the 4th!  I think the kid has had one decent birthday his whole life!

Jeff is approaching the big 29 ~ I cannot believe it has been that long already!  Time does fly!  It seems unreal to me that he is that old ~  I still remember the first time I held him in my arms!  What a long, strange trip it has been indeed!

I am headed off to do what I do and hope that you all are staying warm during this Arctic Blast.  Keep safe and smiling!

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