Friday, January 31, 2014


This has indeed been an interesting week in our household.  Yesterday I woke up and opened the shade in the dining room so my plants could have some of that full on direct sunlight and the thing broke and came crashing down!

I wasn't even awake so it gave me quite a startle!  I phoned my property manager and we soon had a new one ready to be replaced in the a.m., which was this morning and as I was looking out my window to see what kind of day it was I noticed his truck.

Looking out on the porch I found the replacement, but it was a few inches too short, so we played phone tag and measuring ~ they forgot to take into account the three inch piece which broke off ~ easy mistake and within 20 minutes the maintenance guy was knocking at my door.

I was in the middle of a game ~ had been for a couple of minutes before when my good friend Nancy dropped in between showing houses.  I delegated her to get the door, apologizing for not losing sooner!

The shade breaking gave me incentive to wash my curtains which my girlfriend Laurie had specially crocheted and beaded for me, which I love, they are hand wash and lay flat to dry.  Not something I intended to do, but it was necessary.  I was just thinking the other day it was about time for the curtains to be washed.  I washed, soaked and rinsed in cold waters until my fingers froze and left them soaking overnight.

While she was here, my son phoned before noon, I had to ask what was wrong since he never phones that early!  Everything was okay ~ thankfully.  He wanted to update me on Tom's birthday present arriving, late but there.

My grand daughter is spending the night Saturday night, so I am trying to get rid of all evidence of Christmas and do the general tiding up so that we may enjoy our time together.  I am not planning too much, besides the spaghetti we discussed for dinner.

I am excited, it has been a while!  I have a busy morning tomorrow doing all of the little things I need to do before she arrives so we can just wing it.  I am getting there!  I have a few hundred projects to get to and am happy that January is done!

February is kind of busy with two birthdays within 5 days of each other.  My youngest and my oldest.  My youngest will be 21!  I am blown away by that fact.  My oldest boy will be 29!  That blows me away as well.

Did I tell you that all of my children are older than me?  I do not know how it happened but somehow it did. They love to play parent to me.  I don't mind, however, it makes me feel special indeed!  I haven't been informed yet as to what I am allowed to do for their birthdays.

We are still a year behind on birthday dinners, which is I think their subtle way of telling me that it is not necessary.  I shall find out soon enough.  I will be interrogating the eldest son when he brings my little monkey over for our sleepover.

I loved it yesterday when the phone rang and Thomas handed me the phone and said "It's for you Grandma".  To be a grandma is an honour to me!  I love it!  I cannot wait for my other two sons to fall in love, get married and have babies.

They are like me, they probably will never fall in love and each of them say they will never have babies.  In this day and age I must be one of the few parents who have children this old who don't have babies.  Around here ~ kids have kids for crying out loud.

I am patience if nothing else.  I would rather have them be sure that they have found the right woman to spend their lives with and have children with.  We all respect and value the sanctity of matrimony.  They are destined to be bachelors I fear.  At least I have Ains!

So I say goodbye to January 2014 thankfully.  I barely made it through this one.  Next month shall be easier I do hope and pray!  We are also closer to spring, but around here, February has been known to kick us in our cans, so I hope it goes easy on us!

I am off to get some sleep so that I can finish up in the morning.  The curtains are finally all washed and half of them are dry.  One more task for the morning!  Happy February Everyone!!!

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