Wednesday, January 22, 2014


On Monday I was full of goal setting for the week and beyond.  I am a goal oriented girl, even if my goal only consists of setting higher scores in the games I play.

Here it is Wednesday, and I have succeeded in stocking up some food for the cold front we are enduring with some plans for cooking up a storm as I always enjoy doing when the weather is too cold to go outside.

The eight degrees on Tuesday was not too bad considering it was 8 degrees.  I walked up North Street and did my errands before walking down to West Street to hit the supermarket.

I had ran into my girl Cindy who gave me a heads up on the buy one get one free chicken, which led me to decide to make a chicken soup to weather the storm.  I could not after all stand another pork chop or chicken thigh which were in rotation.

I picked up some chicken and burger to make a sauce as well.  Chicken Soup takes more than 24 hour for stock in my world, so sauce is a good filler.  I decided roasted chicken would suffice for the evening meal Tuesday evening.

My friend Ned was leaving the line as I was packing my bag so I took a chance and asked him for a ride home since we live a couple of blocks away from each other.  Thankfully he said yes and we caught up on the news of the day since the last time we ran into each other.

Had I known I was going to score a ride I would have picked up a couple of more items which I couldn't fathom carrying since I was already beyond my weight limit.  No changing that then, however!  I thanked him for the ride and put my groceries away and made a tea.

I contemplated what else I needed in the world in case it was too cold to depart from my home over the next couple of days and after drinking my tea I walked back up to North Street to get some half and half and some girl supplies.

Thomas had been sleeping in my living room again ~ the rebel.  I don't know why I cleaned his bedding if he wasn't going to sleep there.  I had been enjoying music in the morning and he put a damper on that!  Today I got up and he was in his room (minor victory but a victory!)

I put on some Masters of the Blues and slowly woke up.  I had done it again and stayed up until the impossible hour of 3 a.m.  When I woke at 8 a.m. I said nope ~ not this morning.  Despite it being garbage day I went back to bed.  Needless to say I slept through the garbage pick up!

I got on the computer and started falling into my normal new pattern.  Stopped and said nope ~ time to back off that game I have been all consumed with and write some words and get some of my plans going.  The words are easy.

Next stop kitchen and chicken stock and chop chop for some sauce.  I love having too  much on my plate and two major preparations are just the challenge I need!  If that doesn't wake me up I don't know what will!

I have plans at 6:00 so between the food and the shower I have just enough time to get it all together with a minor stop in between to reward myself with a couple of games.  

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