Sunday, January 19, 2014


Sunday ~ actually not a bad day for having slept so poorly the night before.  I forgot to turn the heat down so it was roasting up in my room but I did not associate the two until I came downstairs and saw the thermostat in the morning!

I felt like I had gotten hit by a bus and I was extremely tired and my brain was taking a long time to wake up. My games were even hard to play so I spent some time watching a series on Netflix as I crocheted some more rows on a blanket I am making.

Better to be creatively wasting time rather than totally wasting time with no purpose other than to waste it.  It was cold outside so I was looking forward to an indoor day.  That is working out well.  I have everything I need right here so I am set.

At my afternoon check in with the boys ~ and I mean late afternoon ~ I got the word that Tom was coming home today.  He has been hanging with the boys since Wednesday.  I had been wondering if he was coming today or not.

Thankfully I had taken enough food out of the freezer, and have in fact just put a tasty meal in the oven consisting of chicken thighs with onions, potatoes, garlic and baby carrots and some various seasoning ~ covered with foil and in a while ~ before Sunday evening television ~ we will be enjoying a very tasty meal.

That is why I am writing now.  Sunday is usually a day that I write and for once it is not 1:00 in the morning. I have finally gotten my sleep back to normal and do not intend to screw that up anytime soon!

Over the past few days I have been doing various tasks and things around the house and I finally found a happy place for my sad avocado tree.  His leaves all fell off due to a door/cold issue and he did not like the dining room at all.

Since my room has the sun it craves I moved him upstairs to my room two days ago.  Today new leaves are popping out of his bare stalk.  I would say that is very positive!.  It shall have some leaves soon enough.  My spider plant is doing well and some of those flowers have produced some new plants and new flowers as well.

The basil did not make it.  It put up a good fight but somehow I did not notice that it needed attention and when I did it was too late for recovery!

I took the Christmas decorations down from the porch, the kitchen and part of the dining room today as well.  I began to take pictures of the tree but got sidetracked by some company and then the computer.  I may get to that later today depending on when the boys arrive.

Another Sunday, another new week to look forward to.  I am also trying to decide what my all time favorite book is for a writing project.  I have so many favorite books like foods it is going to be very tricky.  The first one that comes to mind is Little Bear but I let my nephew take my copy and it is gone forever now I am sure.

Monday brings a new writing challenge as well and I cannot wait to see what that might entail.  They are fun for me even though some are easier to write than others.  Great idea producing tool I am finding.

I have been encouraged to look into a writing class.  I am seriously considering it.  Time will tell for sure!  Until then I will keep doing what I am doing and finding more ways to challenge myself as well.  Oh, and keeping warm in this arctic freeze!

Have a good week!

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