Saturday, January 4, 2014


Today I submitted my first step in committing myself to writing about two random subjects a month.  I got a late start because I missed the first e-mail due to technical difficulties, but soon had the topic of the first entry ~ again 150 word minimum on a New Years Inspiration.

I found a graphic which inspired me and which fit me on my journey which I have been on for a bunch of years now.  I was stuck between two inspirational quotes ~ one by Helen Keller and the one I used by Nelson Mandela two out of many people who have shaped my thoughts, beliefs and behaviour and overall my self as a whole.

I would like to share the link with you here if you are interested in reading my submission through Glipho.

I also received my second topic since the e-mail issue was corrected and I am on track with the other 400+ participants I have the privilege of writing beside.  A deadline is also a nice thing I am liking it and the time to put proper thought into.

That is exactly what I need.  I must say I am killing two birds with one stone on the next one ~ all I am going to say is that it is on skin care and I am also finally product testing something which was sent through Klout as a perk.

So I call this triple motivation! A topic, a deadline and a product test!  What more could a girl ask for???

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