Thursday, March 27, 2014


Another day ~ Thursday to be exact ~ I must say that for the end of winter (technically spring now although Mother Nature is still unleashing her fury on the planet!), I am not as bat shit stir crazy as I was last winter. When it warms up everything is all melty and wet and muddy but then bamm~ cold, ice, wind and more snow!

The changes on this planet are magnificent and horrible in some cases.  I am thinking of that horrible mudslide and people trapped in more mud than we can imagine.  Cries heard, unanswered as rescuers cannot reach people.  Loss, devastation and sadness for the survivors and their families.

Great powerful winds blasting our planet ~ also, unlike any we have seen, outside of hurricanes and tornadoes accompanied by a blizzard, knocking out power and who knows what else ~ I have not seen the news on that one yet today.

Wacky and wonderful our weather is.  I for one prefer the sunshine and blue skies of our awesome Berkshire Summers, and cannot wait to get into my shorts and work on my tan.  Last year I changed my routine and barely used my deck ~ this year I plan on spending more time out on the deck ~ I even asked my landlord if I could get one of those inflatable pools and he did not say no.

My friend Cindy keeps trying to get me to go to the Lake with her.  I don't like the Lake.  It is a nice lake but I don't feel comfortable at the Lake to sunbathe and swim.  Not sure why ~ I have been like that since I was a teenager.

We had a cottage on the "other" Lake when I was growing up.  Still do, although since I have separated from my family I have also separated from the Cottage and it has been many moons since I sat looking out on the water, floated on a tube, laughed with my family and was a part of the group.

It will be a while before the ice melts anyway ~ I do not know why I am dreaming of summer and swimming, especially when it feels like 12 degrees outside!  Wishful thinking I guess.  I do miss the Cottage and the family.

Ah well, another life, another time.  I do cherish my memories!  Those days seem so far away and long ago.  I guess I am a bit nostalgic today as I contemplate the end of the month, the beginning of a new season and the need for summer sun and warmth.

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  1. summer fun...can't wait...this year i am going to the ocean...been too long...then maybe the desert...or the other way around....