Sunday, March 23, 2014


I gave my girl the camera and told her to knock herself out ~ she has a good eye ~ who know's maybe she will be in the art world when she gets older!  She has great taste and is pretty good with a camera despite her size!

We had a great time as always!  Baking cookies, painting ceramic rocking horses, waking up and drawing some flowers with our pastels ~ all the things that I love to do with my little monkey girl!  She even let me stay in bed until 8:45 ~ although she pointed out that I looked like I had been up all night ~ nearly right since Tom and I watched the Hangover 3 after she went to bed!

She had woken at 6 a.m. and must have still been tired herself as she then slept until 8:00 ~ later than usual!  We were even all ready ~ dressed with hair and teeth brushed when Jeff came and picked her up!  I had to show him pictures of the fort since I dismantled it last night so we could use the t.v. without having to be in the fort ~ I don't think Tom and I could have fit in it at the same time!

Now it is quiet ~ Tom went to bed 5 minutes after she left ~ I hope that doesn't mean his wake time will now be midnight!  I declare the boy is going to be the death of me!

I have some goals to finish before the day is over ~ errands out of the house I am not wanting to do ~ my neck is toast today and my back is not much better!  A nap seems more appropriate but not on my list! 

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  1. I love building forts with my kids!