Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Monday was awesome and just what the doctor ordered.  I got to spend a wonderful "normal" day with my son, planned a great meal and prepped Tuesday's dinner that day as well.  We had dinner at a decent dinner time and got to watch t.v. together early "old school" style.

I wish I could say that I got two days in a row like that, but alas, when I woke up at 9:00 a.m., well rested and happy ~ I found my son awake still from the night before.  Drat!  I was hoping it would be more than a day in a row!

I waited until afternoon to wrestle my way away from the computer and head Upstreet to do my errands.  While I was out I realized it was Tuesday and made my way to the Methodist Church and their food pantry after running into a couple of people and having a very interesting and much needed conversation with an acquaintance of mine about of all things ~ writing ~ the blog, etc.

I have been slacking from writing my blog ~ questioning (always questioning) it's purpose.  I have been feeling like it had none really ~ no clear design or purpose.  He made three people in one day to inspire me with words to keep up with my words.

It seems that while I was feeling stale and useless some people voiced the fact that it is positive and inspirational.  Go figure.  One of my friends also called me "positive".  As a person who lived in a very dark and lonely world of negativity and in the shadows so to speak ~ to have someone consider me positive (don't get me wrong ~ I try! I try to help people, cheer them up when they are down, make them laugh when they want to cry, lend a helping hand where I can.

Three people can't be wrong.  So here I am, after thinking about scrapping the whole project, due to my lack of commitment and purpose ~ focusing more on the creative writing in between my real goal of finishing this game that has been taking me away from it all for the past couple of months before it closes (and succeeding ~ just not all the way yet (getting closer to that goal!)

Feeling the winter and the lack of "doing" and even when I am "doing" I have not been sharing because quite frankly, other people cover what I like to write about ~ but that should not stop me from doing what I do and being me and sharing my work, after all, we all have our own audience don't we?

So magical Monday turned into thought changing Tuesday and now we made it to windy Wednesday with a huge storm off the coast of New England and heading to Nova Scotia.  50 mile an hour winds headed upwards to 75 mile an hour winds ~ unheard of in my lifetime but a new thing to make note of in the nature and science department!

I am glad I live in the Mountains ~ we are only having 20-25 mile an hour winds here ~ not bad!  I have dinner defrosting in my recently emptied fridge ~ finally cleaned it out before garbage day.  I am ashamed to say I had black olives in there from Christmas dinner.  Nothing too colourful but omg ~ the things that hide in the recesses of the fridge!

My friends had called me to see if I wanted to get together earlier this morning.  I hadn't been up 5 minutes when the phone rang.  I had brought out the garbage for the garbage men to pick up ~ I probably would have continued sleeping if I didn't have that obligation!

I passed on the opportunity.  It was difficult, but now, three hours later I feel I made the right choice.  Of course the boy is still sleeping.  The chores are still waiting and so are my other goals, but not for long.  It is always so difficult to know where to begin, so I began here on this page.

I am heading over to my other site to do some creative writing and another entry which I have been pondering.  If you are in a wind zone, rain zone, mud zone, or any danger zone do be careful ~ safety first! I for one choose to spend my day in the house where it is warm and safe!

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  1. Hey Jen, we missed you today ! But glad you are taking care of biz and staying in where it is warm...