Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Yeah!!  After a very long, but great week (10 days) my son is coming home!!!  He called and said he would be here later!

I am a happy girl indeed.  I managed my solitude quite nicely I think ~ I was pretty active and social ~ steps towards my goal of re~integrating my self back into society instead of being a hermit ~ extroverted instead of introverted ~ always a struggle, I hide it well most times.

I was on the brink of getting lonely indeed.  With the neighbors officially moved out 8 days ago, I tried very hard not to realize that I was the only one in my whole building ~ every noise in the night ~ it was a challenge as well ~ he will be a sight for sore eyes!

I have been so productive ~ amazingly!  I started not only the avocado pit to grow another tree, last years specimen had a mishap which it did not recover from ~ I am again trying to grow a pineapple.  It feels like deja vu since it was about this time last year that I was doing the very same thing!

Today I acquired three canvas's which I get to paint over and experiment with.  I figure that I will let my grand-daughter have one of them ~ never too young ~ she is a wonderful little artist ~ I am curious to see what she will make on hers.

I have been dying to try to learn how to paint (I dabble in watercolours) since I was 16 years old.  Too old for this dog to learn a new trick?  Not sure ~ I will let you know.  I have no vision so I see nothing.  I am one of those people who just create on auto pilot.

I have been hanging out with some nice people.  Positive energy is always a plus.  I get to spend Friday night with my granddaughter which will be fun and exciting!  She has requested Fish Sticks for dinner.  It has been a long time since a fish stick has been eaten in this house but I am game ~

I wrote part 6 of my continuing story earlier as well which I will share the link with in case you are following it.  I caught up on my blog reading ~ which was daily, but like writing reading slipped it's priority ~ catching up was fun.  I like reading large spans and I had to make up a bunch just to pick the story back up!

My show is coming on so I have got to bounce up to my room.  Thanks for reading and have a great one!

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