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It is almost a new day as I write this.  I had a full day which you can read about here doing a few art things ( I forgot that I didn't share here earlier as I began this post and had to delete a few sentences ~ add the link and then I will catch you up...(so that what I want to write will make sense I recommend you read the link before continuing with this post-thank you)

So I came home from my day of Art Appreciation and I was so tired and beat ~ I really just wanted to lie down and rest.  My girl Cindy was coming over after work (around 8:00 I was assuming (you know what they say about that!!!) anywho, I was heading up to relax around 7:00 (and by that I mean that I was attempting a last round of Kitchen Scramble) when there was a knock at the door.

Knowing it could only be Cind ~ I yelled from my computer room that I would be right there, I could hear her laugh and that made me smile cuz I knew that she knew what I was doing and why I could not answer the door ~ I yelled again ~ be right there (wondering why they don't have pause buttons on games anymore), hear her laugh again ~ smile..wonder how it can take so long for virtual food to cook when  you were in a hurry...

Finally I got finished ~ it was worth it ~ three stars and I ran to the door to let her in.  Suddenly the energy changed and I felt better.  She told me it had gotten warmer out - which I can believe so full of energy I grabbed a warmer coat than I had on earlier in the day and we walked out my front door and were hit with a gust of wind.

She needed medicine at the pharmacy which was why I agreed to go ~ and the promise of warmer air outside with the renewed energy spurt and missing seeing her since she began school was enough reason to continue on instead of hightailing it back inside to the warmth and comfort of my house.

Thomas has been at his brothers since Tuesday so I have been lacking human contact for longer than I care to.  Oh, I have had little bursts of it this week, but Charles visit reminded me of what I really do miss more than anything and that is the happy laughter and the warm sense of peace and contentment I get surrounded by other people.

It helps if I know them, but from my days in marketing and traveling to larger cities for Home Shows, Boat Shows, R.V. Shows, Wines Shows, Carnivals, Town Fairs, SeaFood Festivals and the likes not to mention the Greater Hartford Open ~ which is was not only a beautiful golf course when I attended it was packed with people and people give me a huge thrill.

I guess that is pretty funny for me to realize as I am an introverted extrovert who is currently and has been very introverted lately.  I digress, because I was walking in up to 30 miles an hour wind to the pharmacy with my girl because her chest was so congested and I knew she would not go if I didn't go with her.

When we hit  the Park she said ~ are you sure about this ~ and I replied ~ we are halfway there from my house there is no way we are not going We trudged on.  I remember saying to her ~ It will be less windy once we hit First Street ~ the wind is going the other direction it made me feel better, until we cleared the park and hit First Street where the wind was still blowing like mad!

We went into Cumbys and she grabbed a coffee ~ I declined a beverage because quite frankly, I did not want to carry it!  We watched the wind gusting and blowing bags of garbage around outside ~ talking with the cashier hoping it would die down a bit.

We continued down First and were prepared as we could be on Maplewood which runs the same direction as the Park.  It was not good.  It looked like the trees were blowing less on North Street ~ our destination to the Family Dollar as the Pharmacy was closed ~ it was further of course but our only choice.

North Street in contrast to all of the others was like a walk on a sunny beach ~ in another reality.  We crossed the street and the wind was calmer as the few buildings blocked the wind somewhat.  Of course they were out of tea and my favourite Cadbury Mini Eggs (which only come out this time of year) but I remembered I couldn't find the lemon pepper when I went shopping so I grabbed that anyway.

After I checked out I remembered thumbtacks so I could work on displaying me and Ainsley's art since the refrigerator was running out of space so I grabbed some tacks ~ completely forgetting the diced tomatoes for the guacamole I am going to make so I can start another avocado tree.  I fear I have killed mine and did remember to get one when I went shopping the other day.

Cindy was worse than me ~ she checked out completely when she remembered the reason we had come and while she was paying I found what she was looking for.  I blame the manager ~ he distracted us with the reality of the layout of the store and it worked.  "It's not what you need ~ it's everything else in your face to distract you."  It totally worked on us!!

I got my hat and gloves on dreading the trek back through the wind tunnel.  Thankful that this time it would be at our backs.  Stepping out onto the sidewalk we got a good show of fireworks blasting off in the distance and even chose to cross to the extra windy side of the street to continue to watch as we made our way until a building got in our way and then we just heard the pop, pop, pop of the grand finale.

I love fireworks even more than I love people ~ especially unexpected ones!  It was great.  We popped into a local pizza place and she treated us both to Philly Cheese Steaks ~ I hadn't even been aware that I was hungry but it was gone in a flash ~ the onions, peppers and mushrooms adding a delightful flavour with the shaved steak.  It was delish in a wrap and a first for me like that.

I made her take her medicine while we were waiting for our food in the hopes that it would make her feel better sooner.  Although she is older than me, the maternal instincts are pretty strong in me.  She complied.

I stopped into her place to visit with her husband and their new guest Larry.  Larry is a cool old man, but he was having spells from an illness he has so is was alert and then not so alert at times.  At one point he was in the kitchen sitting in the chair and I looked around the room at Cindy and her husband and noticed that the three of us were watching him like he was the television or a character in a play..(he was out of it at the time and we were all waiting to see if he was going to topple out of the chair).

I pointed it out and we all started laughing.  A few minutes later he was awake and eating pineapple and drinking his coffee...I can see life is going to be pretty interesting over there!  Speaking of pineapple, I noticed that they had a fresh one on the counter so I enquired if I might have the top when it was cut in order to try to grow a pineapple plant.

Out comes a knife and wham...ask and you shall receive.  In gratitude I skinned and sliced their pineapple for them and got to enjoy some fresh pineapple in return.  Win win all the way around.  After what seemed like a shorter time than it was I took my leave to walk the final block down to the comforts of my home.

I got home and emptied my loot, trimmed down the stem and found a location for my new science project.  It takes a very long time to produce a pineapple plant something like 8 years if you are lucky I think it was.  I will have roots hopefully sooner than it takes to root an avocado!  Either way it is like history repeating itself since I tried this last year at this time and only had a 50% success rate.  I am shooting (as always) for a 100% success rate!

I hesitated before I did what normally is familiar and opened the page and did what comes naturally.  With any luck it is the beginning of climbing out of that space I have been occupying and not hesitate.  It is good to be back.

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  1. as always a pleasure to read :-) even ho you seem to think you are introverted you are not hon :-) you lead an very productive and love filled life :-)