Friday, March 28, 2014


Despite waking up on the wrong side of the bed on Thursday the day turned out to be much better than I anticipated.  My son, realizing my grumpiness decided it would be in his best interest to get up at 10:30 which was a marvelous thing indeed!

He invited me out to lunch and accompanied me on our errands as well, it was nice not walking alone through the world yesterday!  I picked the place ~ having been dreaming about the Philly Cheesesteak at Empire Pizza ~ he wanted a sub so I thought it would be the perfect place.

When our food came mine was everything I had remembered ~ delicious, hot and loaded with yummy goodness.  It is indeed a treat to eat out and to have my son venture out into the world daylight or darkness so it was a win/win for me.

His grinder was two slices of meat loaded with lettuce and onion.  Not as good as an A~Mart sub which costs about half the money.  Apparently it did not even smell or taste good to him so he ordered a piece of pizza which was good but not the best ~ I felt bad for him indeed!

We called his Dad who lives Upstreet and made plans to stop by.  It was time to shop his cabinets which we did.  It was nice to have help carrying the loot as he always loads us up with the canned veg and sauce which keep me going throughout the "lean" times.

We had a nice visit, but the hour was drawing near to leave.  There is about a two hour window we had from beginning to end where it was warm and then it goes much colder and we wanted to be home before the much colder hit.

We decided to hang out and watch some t.v. after we returned and I turned him on to the show Cosmos which has Seth MacFarlane's name connected with it ~ producer I think  (details!!)  It is another Sunday night show which will never make the line up for us on Sunday but which totally blew me away with the first episode.

It was so good that we took in another episode a few hours later and that did not disappoint either.  It is a wonderful history/science lesson about the Universe and how we got here.  It breaks it down simply but you do not feel like an idiot totally ~ but learn new things or things you may have know but have forgotten.  For me it is a godsend!  I cannot wait to learn more!!!

Today is a rainy Friday.  It is quiet in the house.  I woke late and while I woke up on the right side of the bed today I am having a bit of trouble still with my range of motion and pain in general.  Days and days of this can be very wearing and tiring.

Thankfully I have nothing too pressing which cannot wait another day ~ kind of feeds on my procrastination issues.  It is a good day I think to begin a book which I secured at the library after watching the movie and reading a book review on the book.

It is a young adult book (some people may argue that I still am in that category), "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky ~ I love coming of age stories and the movie was well acted and had a good story line.  The book I am told is great.  I will let you know!  It is small and should only take a few hours to read.

I am feeling pretty confident about the past month ~ productive, motivating and overall feeling pretty good. We have everything we need so there is no stress there ~ I could not have said that truthfully yesterday, but today is another day!

I am hoping this rain kicks the tail end of winter out of the way and allows the wonderful transformation into spring ~ I am still waiting for that warm breeze to blow ~ that is when I know spring is truly on its way ~ so far not happening but I have my fingers crossed it will happen soon!

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  1. Jennifer, I looked for your fiction. This is what i found, the first sentence.

    It was getting dark as I walked down the wooded road. I was not afraid. Being alone in the woods was only scary if you let yourself be scared. A twig cracked to my right. Okay, maybe I was a little scared.

    Is this yours. It has a different persons name at the bottom, and when I clicked on your name it gave me section 4. So how do I know what is section 1.