Sunday, March 30, 2014


I opened my eyes and lit a cigarette and took a drag.  It was late ~ 11:00 a.m. ~ must have needed the sleep.  Tom walked up the stairs to see if I was still home ~ I think he was expecting me up and out the door at such a late hour.

I was surprised to see him up.  "I got up at 8" he said, "but then I went back to sleep after I took my my medicine."  It works for me!  He has had me going all week ~ teasing me Monday by being awake all day and hoping it would be the beginning of a trend ~ only to find him awake all night Tuesday morning.

I got up and made a tea and he began to watch t.v. in my room.  When I didn't come back upstairs he came down ~ "you tricked me ~ I thought you were coming back up, will you make breakfast?"  Whoa ~ who was this kid ~ up early and breakfast?!!?

Sure I said ~ let me wake up a bit first.  I surveyed the wreckage of the kitchen from the night before ~ it looked like two bombs went off in there.  The sinks were both full of dishes, the stove littered with pans ~ it had been a good meal ~ I had kind of hoped someone had come in during the night and done the cleaning!

In no time I had the kitchen back in order.  It was warm outside ~ very warm from what it had been so I opened one of the windows in the living room to let some welcome fresh air in.  The sun was so bright and when I stepped out on the porch it had some warmth to it ~ I recall thinking it seemed closer than it did the day before  and it hurt my eyes with it's brightness.

I made French Toast and we ate together in the Kitchen.  I washed the plates and added them to the rest of the clean dish stack.  May as well keep it going, I thought.  I headed down to the basement to start some laundry and found a batch in the dryer ready for folding and to be put away.

I don't know if it was the guilt from oversleeping, is it really oversleeping when you really have nothing to do? I decided enough was enough and got motivated to do some laundry and tackle some clutter ~ disgusted at every turn by some pile which didn't belong where it was sitting.

As the day progressed the sky grew darker and the air a bit cooler.  The beautiful day only lasted a short while ~ the coolness began to invade my comfort as opposed to refresh my rooms so I shut it before the rains came!

I was thankful I had nothing pressing anywhere in the world.  Home seemed to be the right place to be. We hung out all day, computing and watching t.v. together.  It was nice.  Reminded me of old times.  Dinner at a normal hour and when we went upstairs to watch t.v.

When I got up to my room to watch t.v.  I heard the familiar sound of "His Girl Friday" another of my old favourites ~ Cary Grant is so funny with Rosalind Russell and Ralph Bellamy.  I half expected him to change it ~ but we watched the entire thing together ~ laughing at the comedy of the two main actors together.  He is learning!

We put on another show and then began a movie despite the late hour.  I looked over and my boy was sound asleep instead of ready to run down to his computer and meet his friends for a game as he normally would do.

I am proud of the efforts he is making.  This has been a week of changes in behavior for sure!  I don't want to get too excited about it ~ you know how much I hate disappointment ~ but I am!!!!  I consider this a major achievement and one which I hope will stick around  ~ I will take what I can get and take the simple pleasure from it!

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