Monday, March 31, 2014


I have been busting my ass trying to get a few things caught up around the house so I can move forward with the stuff I can't do before all of the rest of my "regular" chores are done.  While at the same time fighting a race against April 20th and the closing of my latest addiction ~ Kitchen Scramble.

The game has taught me how to waste time and how to manage my time in real life as well, grouping things together and getting through with the least possible steps.  Working smart instead of hard ~ you all know what that is I am sure!

I have been thoroughly disgusted with the condition of my floors in general (one of my least favourite/back breaking chores).  More so since the other day when it was warm enough to walk around barefoot in the house and walking on so much grit and dirt that I could stand it no more!

I woke up this morning with "doing" on my mind.  I started out small with the bathroom floor.  Easy enough and in between made more pies and cookies for my goal.  This is a procrastination technique because I really set the computer room table I share with my son as a major goal the other day.

After finishing the bathroom I scrubbed the computer room floor and began the kitchen floor.  My lovely son decided to get up around noon ~ (I will take that!) so while he was showering I finished the pies leaving me with about 28 cookies to make ~ that doesn't seem like a lot but it took me 4 hours to find enough cookie customers!

When I finally finished with the final goal in Cookiehagen ~ I assessed the remaining goals ~ I still have 150,000 customers to serve to finish the final goal in the final town of the game.  Easy peasy ~ lol ~ says you!    I don't know why I am bothering other than to say that I did it.

I have two characters and I am hoping that I don't get it with enough time to decide that both of my guys need to finish the game ~ that would just be insanity (and we all know that I am borderline like that!)

In between playing we all (Kitchen Scrambler/Sag Friends) and I have been transitioning to Facebook, which in the opinion of the majority is not as good as Facebook ~ we don't have the chat option or the supply option and gifting only 40 a day is limiting our flow!  (I was near 7000 supplies on Playdom and can only accumulate around 1000 despite not playing on Facebook yet!)

The friendships and kinship which  have developed through Playdom have been a pleasure to develop and nurture over the past three months which I have been playing.  Keeping me from my normal "social media" interactions (not to mention writing) has been a bit of a downfall, but the relationships I have made are priceless!

We all share a love of the game and a great sense of loss and anger at Disney for shutting down our platform.  I don't know  ~ maybe they are thinking that Facebook and that platform will make them more money.  We are hoping for a reprieve ~ to wake up on April 20th and have it be some kind of sick joke.  I doubt that the Governor is going to call in time!  Fingers crossed but not holding our breath  we die hard fans play on!

Rarely do I get so much out of something which I use as a distractor from my pain, life and just in general.  I truly am going to miss what has been the norm for the past three months but look forward to getting to know my many "new friends" better!

As far as the floors go ~ three out of five done!!!  How is that for motivation??

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