Monday, October 12, 2015


I hate when friends from afar go back to where they belong
I much prefer when they are near and can be seen
more than a picture on a computer screen

Sitting face to space with only a little space between
is the perfect life for which I dream
with my dearest friends from afar
But what is to be done?  It sure makes me glum!

Thank god the suns rays are shining today
If they sky reflected how I felt, the rain would pelt
the windows closed, a grey and dark day, a chill in the air

I sit and listen to a song sad, mellow, rather long,
Wishing you were here my dear
A hug, a kiss, my biggest wish before you go
just so you know

Saying goodbye will just make me cry
so I try to pretend - knowing you will be back again
my face will glow, as my heart overflows with my love for you
always there, always true, no matter - a trail of clues
laid out for you

Though my mouth will  not utter these words
listen to the joyous song of the birds
they will let you know, listen to their songs
they reflect how I feel,

Think of me, when you see the bird flying
high and free on the breeze
I will think of you, as I always do with love in my heart
although we are apart

My dearest friends, no matter what
until the end of time and back full circle
we will find again and again
Always the truest of friends!

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