Thursday, October 22, 2015


"...bulldozer in the house"
 <static>...."construction (scramble, static)
 noises filled my ears through the phone.

I didn't know whether to hang up and check the number or run away from home.
I could not imagine that I had heard correctly.
Why on Earth would there be a bulldozer in the house?  I wondered and decided not to phone back.
I was glad to be 1000 miles away from whatever catastrophe was going on back home!

She checked her watch.  It was only 3 p.m. back home.  She decided she would call after 5:00
everyone knew that most laborers were in the bars by 5:00.  That would give her time to regroup
and time for Stephen to answer her questions.

She really hoped she had heard incorrectly and was almost certain that they would both
be laughing by 5:05!  Tick tock went the clock and her imagination as she waited.

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