Monday, October 12, 2015


"Lets break some bad guys heads" Trevor shouted to the crowd around him.  Riots had broken out all around them.  They were supposed to be the law, but at this moment the only law around was the law of the streets.

People gathered in crowds, throwing things at windows to gain access or just to diminish the rage they felt.  The energy of the crowd was like electricity in the air.  Survival was the key.

Trevor looked around and saw members of this once calm and tranquil community, he recognized the cashier at the market, the librarian, the teacher, even the preacher was in the street.  These were reasonable people, pushed beyond their limits for far too long.

The time for talking was over, soon, if something wasn't done, scenes like these would be common everywhere.  Something had to be done on a larger scale, and more productively than riots!

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  1. Nice work... It's one of those things with the 150 Word Challenge that has been noted by quite a few: Sometimes things go so well that 150 words leaves you at a point where you have the beginning of a story that leaves people wanting more.

    It's an interesting problem to have here, and perhaps a good problem at that.

    Of course, everyone is free to expand on these short stories if they like... Although it might be interesting to have an official challenge one of these days where we do that with a previous entry.

    Just thinking out loud, it's too early for serious thinking. =D