Friday, October 9, 2015


It has been a few so I think I will begin with an update - hmm, lets see, life been interesting as I adjust to reclaiming my life and dealing with my stuff.  It is amazing what you can actually get done when you have time to finish what you start.

Keeping up with my house has been a breeze now that I no longer run in, drop things down and run out the door, pile up the piles and put them in a pile until you can no longer stack another thing on the pile.  That is where I was at.

I think I have a third and final run through of the paper pile which will result, no doubt in having things to add to the other piles.  That is okay, because I have the luxury once again of time.  My once near impossible goals are becoming manageable and now I laugh where once I was too overwhelmed with tasks that I couldn't even begin.

I have a new feeling surrounding me.  It is kind of strange and unusual and I have begun to dream.  Sometimes dreaming is a bad thing but in other instances it is a good thing.  My dreams could reveal just about anything to me, but I am sure they will not reveal too much.

I made it back to the specialist hoping to hear something positive or new.  I guess the positive and new is that there is nothing new.  The new symptoms I have to deal with are just that, things that I have to deal with, they are here, now and forever, no big deal.  Sometimes, you just get hopeful.

I have been experiencing a special fondness for surprises as the other day my best girlfriend phoned me.  Not too unusual, I had been expecting to chat with her.  I was up in my room cleaning and I answered the phone.

She asked if I was home, which was silly, considering I had answered my home phone.  I said yes. She asked why I didn't answer my door.  Oh, did I forget to tell you she lives in Florida?  I am still on the phone, confused, walking down stairs to the front door and there she is in the flesh!

Bless her heart, she surprised me since last month when she was here with her husband they ran out of quality time and we had breakfast together, which to me was fine and great.  I think it was a fine first meeting of her husband and I.  I enjoyed it and wished I had met him sooner!

So family business brought her to town, and not knowing the time constraints she might have, she decided to surprise instead of disappoint.  What my old time friends don't realize is that even seeing them for 5 minutes on the street saying hello is awesome to me, which makes my life simply wonderful, as I see a lot of people I know, living in the city I grew up in and went to school at and worked my "high profile" jobs.

I am after all a people person whether I am introverted, extroverted, visible or invisible, sociable or anti social, watching or being watched. It makes no difference to me. Unless you are someone I do not want to see.  In which case, unless you sneak up on me, I will duck, run and hide - pull out my invisibility shield or be gone like the wind.

I digress.  I have been away from writing and doing some drawing with my ink pen and as I said, getting my life in ship shape order, feeling mostly good.  No problem.  I even went with friends to Mass MOCA and had a great day taking pictures.  It is somewhat traditional as we did it last year for my friend Lisa's birthday.

These are just a few of the things that I really liked.  I would share more but, now is not the time.  I can recommend it highly if you are in the area!  Do not forget the kids area either, we always have a blast there and today was no exception with the "Psychic Karaoke"which was fun once you stopped laughing!