Monday, February 11, 2013


To myself and all of you I proudly share some purple roses as a reward!  Finally!  A worthy Monday! If you had not noticed, for me, Mondays have been pretty crappy from the last one of 2012 right on through to today.  I don't normally follow the Monday's are bad and TGIF kind of thing, a day is usually a day to me, they are all the same, some better - some worse, but not today.

Today has marked a milestone of personal growth for me, as an individual.  I can say this because I have been struggling to overcome my fear of doctors, not that I have anything against doctor's per se, except for when I have two bad and unjustified experiences with them in a row blowing my already limited trust of them in the process.  The last time I went to a doctor, besides the dentist out of necessity and my chiropractor also out of necessity but also as a stepping stone because he is familiar, although I had not seen him in almost ten years!

Not only did I overcome a fear today - I also completed one of my New Years Resolutions - something I doubt I have ever done in my entire life!  I tackled the mystery of what health insurance plan I do have for starters, which revealed to me that my primary insurance is really my secondary insurance so I am stuck with the one I have.

I had to then phone my primary insurance and explain my situation and while I was on hold I was told a web address, so I checked that out while waiting for a very kind representative to come and answer my questions and help me locate a few names of DOCTORS!

Although the doctor I was hoping to get wasn't available, another doctor in the same practice was available, accepting new patients and my insurance!  I was so happy to hear that - even though I have to wait til May - but, considering I have not been to a doctor since 2009 I think I can manage to wait til May.

I also finally got to call my chiropractor and cannot wait til tomorrow morning to trudge to his office and get my neck and back straightened out again, considering he put me on three weeks and I have been unable to do anymore than wait for my visits with my son over the previous two and a half weeks I was so unmotivated!

So two good things and as luck always comes in threes...I decided to phone my counselor, who I have not spoken to save 10 minutes on the street a few months ago randomly as we walked the same direction - and share the news.  (He had gone into private practice two years ago, and without a primary doctor I could not see him.)  I get to go see  him on Wednesday!

It is really funny the way that things seem to work out so effortlessly when we most need them to!  This is not the first time in my life that I have overcome a huge situation effortlessly - they are few and far between however.

I hope you all enjoy your purple flowers as much as I am enjoying mine!  May you all have the pleasure of effortlessly overcoming your mountains as well!