Monday, February 4, 2013


Lately I have been feeling like I have been struck down with an illness.  I don't have a  cough, or a fever, and I do not think it is contagious per se, but I do believe I have it, it is called a lack of motivation!  While I do many things in a day, and they require time, thought, concentration and action, it is the things which I am walking around and avoiding which make me think this!

It is in my nature to procrastinate, it is my middle name.  I have been a procrastinator from way back.  Waiting until the last possible minute to even begin a task - making a mad dash to get everything done in a mad rush!

I think in that respect I am an adrenaline junkie!  My rush comes from the mad activity -  the organization of the chaos, the pressure of failure and the final completion and major pleasure in the accomplishment.  I don't do anything halfway and I give everything 100% once I am invested in the project.

As I look over the list of "TO DO" today, it makes me want to crawl back into bed and throw the covers over my head.  I see the list of "DONE" and on it is me!  I think I need to make a couple of adjustments, after having delegated my only necessary responsibility over to my good friend who did my banking for me to save me the walk in the treacherous cold February temperatures.  

It is my youngest sons birthday, and I am kinda disappointed that we have to postpone the celebration.  No birthday feast today for him and he doesn't want to celebrate in any way until he comes home.  My poor little lamb has not had one birthday in 15 years which has not been marked with some negative event or occurrence around it!  It makes me sad, as most of mine were good until I was about 13, and now they are just days.  Birthday feasts are traditional in my home for my children and a day just does not seem the same in that respect!  

I should be motivating and crossing things off of the list, but I think I will rewrite the list and begin on it tomorrow take some me time and watch an old movie, or a funny one and maybe work my way into some fun kitchen stuff, as I have begun the preparation for some won ton soup, one of my most favorite comfort foods, yet I have never made it.  I have however begun preparation for the won tons by grinding the pork and  mixing the filling!  The kitchen and my desire to learn a new task will probably win out after a movie, by then I will be hungry again!


  1. I have a large sign in my office "if you don't do it an't no body gonna do it" - works for me, tell us how the won ton soup works out and hey have a great day, ps enjoy the time with your son on his special day and give him a big ol have a great day birthday wish from me too, have fun!)-

  2. .... didn't some cards a few days ago talk about rest and recuperation ?
    ~ Like the multi-colored rose it must grow from the inside out ~