Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The energy in the air today has been very unusual.  Not in a bad way, but not really that good either.  Days like today are like a vacuum.  I spent the afternoon doing the next closest thing to reading a Terry Pratchett book and that was watching "Going Postal"  on Netflix.  

After all the laughs last night watching the "Hogfather", which came through very well in Sir Pratchett's' brilliant style and good humour, I began watching "Going Postal" which I had to re watch today as I had about 40 minutes of life left in me when it began last night.

Nothing more appropriate on a weird energy day than to travel to Disc World!  Part I did wonders for my mood!  Since it was the last book that I have read of his, it was vaguely familiar yet, not so familiar where I knew - or know what is coming next.

I can't wait to see how the second part goes!  I am sure I will not be disappointed!  I never am where Terry Pratchett is concerned since I began with Witches Abroad all those years ago!  If you have never read one of the books in the Disc World Series, you should!  After watching I have a hankering to read everything I have on my shelf by Mr. Pratchett all over again!

You will find yourself laughing aloud to yourself so be very careful where you choose to read!  I love the casting in both movies which I have had the pleasure to watch.  Not too often does one get it so completely right!  Bravo!!! and Thank You!!!

The cooking blog was fun today as well.  I have been considering doing a separate series of blogs just on cooking, now that I have a camera and can actually provide some visuals.  It was more like a school essay though in comparison to what and how I usually write, taking a blink of an eye and almost no effort what so ever.  I think the most difficult thing was getting the pictures to co-operate!  Kinda why you are getting two blogs today for the price of one.  I just don't feel like I wrote for me! 

So now that I feel a little better about the effort and input in my writing today after all, and since I had a nice visit with my son, and my tummy is full of noodles, which by the way soy sauce also enhances - my learn something new thing for the day - that and a little sesame seeds and sesame oil and I am good!  

I am off to Disc World!  Hope you all have a pleasant evening!  Early morning for me with a meeting - fingers crossed and prayers that we get good news!  

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