Thursday, February 21, 2013


I remember the year that I ran away to Florida specifically because it had been very cold early on and we had gotten a lot of snow and then in the middle of November (when we were playing hooky from school and got caught on the third day) the weather was like an early spring!  It was 1982 I think.  What I remember thinking is cool, maybe our weather will change my fantasy was that here in the Berkshires we would also enjoy tropical heat in the Mountains as they have down South.  Obviously - I am still waiting.

Years later, our weather has evolved on the entire planet.  With less snow and more cold, more lightening and tornadoes and the wind!  With seasons changing in all areas of the U.S. and the rest of the world - snow in England, no snow in Canada, our glaciers melting over more recent years it is a trip to watch all of the changes.

Back in the '80's I had no idea about the Mayans and their prediction for the end of the world.  I am not one for hype - but perhaps their visions and their knowledge from their time and what they may have seen seemed like the end of the world to them.  The world has changed a lot since they made their end calendar and  moved on.

I think that the lining up of the planets and subsequent shift of our planet - or whatever happened that the science world is not sharing with the general public has much to do with what is going on with our planet and our weather.  I am a silent observer on this matter.  I usually do not talk about planets lining up with the general public and my views on them.  It scares some people, it freaks them out at the possibility of what is to happen during our "global warming" there is a lot of speculation.  I am not a scientist so I have no idea.

All I know, as a lifetime Berkshire-ite is that we have very specific seasons and weather patterns here.  With our early sudden springs - (lately) then some more cold weather in March going into a very wonderful to me heat wave (I am still rooting for tropical weather here in the North) and our rain season this past year during the winter months and all the wind and cold in place of the snow (YUCK)!, give me snow any day and in larger amounts - I am really tired of these random spitting out of snow here - not enough for the insulation that larger snowfalls produce to generate that blanket that makes winter bearable - along with dressing properly!

Now that the planets are in place for the great changes the Mayans predicted I think we have lost a vital block and must be in a different air stream or something!  With not one but three meteors hitting our planet a couple of weeks ago in Russia, California and Cuba there is no denying something is going on.  I am aware that meteors have struck before and they did so in mostly uninhabited places with no one getting hurt, I believe life just got real for our civilization.

I for one am looking forward to being an active observer and genuine survivor of these great changes no matter what they bring!  


  1. as always a very interesting read Jennifer thank you for sharing your view of our amazing world