Saturday, October 12, 2013


 I grew up learning at a very young age that when you have expectations you will 99% of the time be disappointed due either to the failure of said expectations happening mainly.  Part of my defense mechanism was to learn how not to expect anything from anyone no matter what they say regardless of who it is saying it.  After all words are just words and actions do speak louder than words 100% of the time.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to spend the afternoon with my "new" granddaughter who is 6 years old.  She is a smart, funny part tomboy, part princess and the holder of my heart.  Our afternoon flew by, but before she left we made plans to have a sleepover!

Today is the day!  How I have been looking forward to this day to arrive for two weeks putting aside my defense mechanism ~ especially after speaking with her during the week and making sure that we were still on ~ her Mom said ~ "She has been reminding us everyday about the sleepover" ~ so I guess she was also holding our time together as a great expectation!

I phoned her last night, before dinner, to check in with her on the menu for dinner ~ seeing if she liked Beef Stew (which is always better the second day, and which I had happened to make finally yesterday), or Pork Roast with mashed potatoes and gravy ~ the Roast Pork won out so we ate the Beef Stew last night.  I asked my boys before calling her and they were like "Whatever" so I figured I would ask the person whom it mattered to and love that she knows what she wants and isn't afraid to say so!

I for one am enjoying the wonderful anticipation which I have been feeling.  It is brand new for me to experience this feeling.  I did get nervous when my son called this morning ~ first thing I said was "What is wrong" bracing myself for the worst answer (normal reaction for me) when he said "Nothing ~ what time do you want Ains."

Phew ~ big sigh of relief!  I knew they had plans at 5:00 for an anniversary party ~ and I also knew I had to walk to the supermarket for more potatoes ~ never have enough potatoes in my house ~ I went through 5lbs in 2 days!  So I told him threeish ~ giving each of us plenty of time to get done what we needed to get done.

I thought of all of the plans that I have loosely made ~ the food, the crafts, the act of just hanging out and being around each other ~ after all ~ I am the new gramma!  She is a doll and had to talk to me after I spoke to my son and we were both so excited ~ I am bursting with it!

I was planning on making cupcakes with her ~ but decided to make them ahead of time so I could get the roast in the oven just about now so that we are not eating at 8:00 at night ~ kids require regular mealtimes ~ unlike my son and I who eat quite late in the evening I must admit.

The cupcakes just came out ~ 12 regular cupcakes and 8 heart shaped cupcakes ~ just in case the boys don't like heart shaped ones (you know how boys are)!  I figure they will be cool and she can help frost them and that will be a "fun" activity.  Girls are foreign to me ~ having raised three boys myself ~ so I am a bit nervous truth be told.  I think I have this covered however!

The oven is hot and I need to go prep my roast for the oven and get the potatoes peeled as we are going all out ~ go big or go home is my motto with special meals.  I invited my middle son and his Dad and hope they can come over for some Ainsley time as well!  This little girl turns my sons sweet ~ not that they are not sweet ~ (don't tell them I called them that)!

Time for me to bail!  For once my expectations are going to rule over the disappointments which is an excellent change as far as I am concerned!  Talk to you later and have a blessed weekend!

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